These are some of the most famous monuments all over the world but none of us could have imagined they are actually this … expensive! And, by the way, which are the main reasons that lead to their final huge price? The history, the publicity, the esthetic qualities or the materials used for their construction? All of these, but neither of these we could both answer. Each of these monument is unique and choosing it in front of another one on a sale of preferences means actually admitting each of them as valuable, original and a main figure of humanity’s development.

European monuments

Still, reducing all this stuff to marketing, notoriety, popularity and beauty, The Chamber of Commerce from Monza and Brianza, Italy worked on a proof research to finally estimate the value in money for the most famous European monuments. And they kind of had a surprise when they found out that the 1st place was achieved by the Eiffel Tower, a building which, at the beginning of its life was considered as a steel ugliness. This one actually made it in front of much older monuments such as the Roman Colosseum or the antique construction from Stonehenge.

Now, let’s see which are the 6Top Expensive Monuments In Europe!

6. Prado Museum of Madrid

spain-prado-museumThis one has an estimated value of 46 billions of English Pounds and it has an impressive and also very expensive art collections with objects created since the 14th century until the Modern Age. In the Prado Museum of Madrid we can also find paintings created by the most important Spanish and also European painters.

Either expensive or not in several tops made by some real research, all these places are really worth visiting. They are important pieces of architecture, but also places where you can really see how humans managed to develop amazing architecture and plans for the future. Even if we now see all these stones or pieces of steel gathered together in a great way, at the moment they were built they represented great innovations and spectacular steps ahead in human arts. So, no question they are estimated to cost as much as an entire city!

5. Tower of London

the-tower-of-londonThe Tower of London is also a very expensive building – 56 billions of English Pounds. This monument is the oldest building in England and it was constructed in 1907. The monument took different roles during times: it was first a fortress, then a prison and also a residence of England’s kings, last of them: Charles II. Also, the building was used as a bank, an Astronomic Observer and for 300 years here was the Royal Zoo.
As a legend, it was told that during the times the building was used as a prison there were several prisoners put to jail or sentenced to death for no real reason and their spirits still haunt along the halls of the Tower of London.

4. Milan Cathedral

milan-cathedralThe fourth place in the top of the most expensive buildings in Europe is taken by The Milan Cathedral, with an estimated value of 65 billions of English Pounds. With a surface of over 1.200 quarter meters, the Dome is one of the emblematic pieces of architecture in Italy, but also in the entire Europe.
It also stands on the third place in a top of the largest catholic churches in the whole world, after The San Pietro Church in Rome and The Cathedral of Sevilla.

3. Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona

The Cathedral of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona stands on the third place of the most expensive monuments in Europe top and it has an estimated value close to the Colloseum of Rome – 71 millions of English Pounds. The cathedral is extremely appreciated all over the world for its novel architecture, created by the famous Anthony Gaudi.

The Church in the capital city of Catalonia is still not finished although the beginning of the construction was in 1882. The budget given to this monument’s construction was estimated at more than 20 millions of Euro in 2009. Still, the difficult and complex architecture made the project last on, probably for more than another decade.

2. The Colosseum of Rome

the_colosseum_rome_italy-normalThe Eiffel Tower is six time more expensive than the monument coming on the second place: The Colosseum of Rome, estimated to cost 72 billions of English Pounds. The Roman amphitheatre, where the gladiators were fighting to death was finished in the year 80 and manages to attract over 4 millions of visitors every year.
The Colosseum of Rome is probably the most impressive ruined building maintained since the Roman Empire. Built during the domination of Vespasian Emperor, the Colosseum was one of the most impressive buildings of the antique times.

1. Eiffel Tower

Eiffel-Tower-2This is the most expensive monument of the entire world! It is 324 meters tall and it was built in 1889 for a World Exhibition. It is also the most visited monument in the world and in year 2011 it managed to attract more than 7.1 millions of visitors. In the tower’s entire history it has been seen by over 200 millions people that became the symbol of France’s capital city, Paris.

And here we come with the price: Eiffel Tower’s value was estimated at 344 billions English Pounds!

Built in 1889, the Tower was created by Emile Nouguier, Maurice Koechlin and Stephen Sauvestre, who used to work for Eiffel and CO. First doubting the project, but finally loving it, Gustave Eiffel bought the patent for this construction. In the first place, the Eiffel Tower was supposed to be the entrance arch for the World Exhibition, a world affair dedicated to celebrate 100 years since The French Revolution. More than 300 workers were implicated in completing this construction, uniting more than 18.000 pieces of steel and using almost 2 millions and a half reivets. At the Tower’s beginnings, the construction was considered as a really ugly one, but now it passes as the city’s symbol and one of the most beautiful architecture pieces in the entire world.

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