Although Greece has been on the first pages of the newspaper lately because of the economical crises the country passes these days, the amount of tourists choosing this destination manages to maintain a continues growing. The reasons for this: Greece is an amazing, beautiful country with thousands of things to see and try, beginning with the spectacular beaches, continuing with an amazing amount of historical monuments and ending the list with their famous cuisine which is loved by everybody.

Financial Crisis

At the beginning of 2015, Alexis Tspiras, the Greek prime-minister began a real war against all-inclusive tourism in his country because he wants to come back to the traditional tourism. He claims that all-inclusive services keep the tourists in the hotels and removes tourists’ intentions to visit several monuments and areas in the country. Still, there are very many people who want to visit the country.

So, if you are one of them, just take care on a few aspects and watch our Top 6 Greek Dream Destinations During The Crises list to find your best fitted holiday.
But first, some advice to keep you happy and comfortable during the holiday. You should be sure to have an important amount of cash while you travel to Greece because there are several problems with the banks and ATMs. Actually, these days, Greek locals are only allowed to withdraw 60 euros a day from an ATM. Then, if you travel by car is better to fill in as close as possible to the Greek border to avoid the crowds at the gas stations. And be sure you have travel insurance on your name. They are cheap and give you the certainty you can return home no matter the conditions. Next, here’s the Top 6 Greek Dream Destinations During The Crises so you can make your mind and select the best holiday!

6. Athens (Atena)

athens_1The Capital City of Greece is full of dust, noise and, several times frustrating. But if you manage to pass over the smog, you will fall in love with the full of life coffee shops restaurants (taverns), shops, the pedestrian areas and the huge parks. And, different from other antique cities, here you can find all the monuments grouped in the same area, so that tourists can get to them easier. You must visit Agora, the square that was once the center of Athens’ commercial and politic life. Among the ruins, there are lots to be seen: Apollo’s Temple, The Altar of The 12 Gods and many others. One good place to be seen, but not that famous is Psiri, the place where rebels and anarchists used to gather.
The main attraction: Acropolis, the place where the ancestors of the western civilization used to spend their time.

5. Corfu

CorfuBoatsBecause it was conquered and occupied by several European peoples, this island in the Ionian See has a lot of French and English influences (like the cricket fields). But you must go there especially for the beaches, nightlife and beautiful people, things that managed to make Corfu one of the most popular holiday destinations in the entire Europe.
In the capital city of the island, Corfu Town, there’s a public square named Spianada which has a lot of green areas and where you can find some of the best and also very beautiful coffee shops in the entire Greece. You can also visit St. Spiridon’s Church, the protector of this island.
The main attraction: Paleokastritsa26 kilometers West to Corfu town, a miniature paradise with crystal waters, amazing bays and hills covered with olive, orange and lemon trees. The legend says this was the island of Phoenicians and the Bay in Paleiokastritsa is the place where famous Odysseus shipwrecked and met Nausicaa, the daughter of The Phoenicians King. The beaches in the area are very appreciated by families with children.

4. Crete

crete-ammos-01The biggest island in Greece, Crete has a lot to offer for its tourists. If you like parties and crowded places, you should go to the North-Eastern part of the island, but if you would rather choose a quieter place and mountain areas, you should choose the Western part of Crete.
If you would like to forget for a couple of hours that we live in the 21st century, then you must visit Chania, a city much alike Venice. In Chania you will discover a crowded port, a lot of restaurants, taverns as Greek like to call them, bars and also shops where you can actually negotiate the price of almost everything you want to buy, starting with souvenirs and ending with clothes. Chania is also the start for exploring Lefka Ori Mountains where you can find the impressive Samaria Canyon, the biggest canyon in Europe, but also a lot of small traditional villages.
The main attraction: Minoan Knossos Palace, the first palace built in Europe. It is one of the monuments that made Crete famous all over the world. The Palace manages to gain thousands of visitors every year.

3. Rhodes

lindosRhodes Island is the biggest in the archipelago it belongs to, in the Aegean See. Exactly in the port of the island was situated the Colossus of Rhodes, a great bronze statue which is considered to be one of The Seven Wonders Of The World.
Rhodes offers a variety of possibilities to spend your time: a great night life, many sports, cultural events, daytime tours to the islands around, like The Simi Island. The Old City of Rhodes is actually one of the best maintained medieval fortresses and is one of the main attractions of the island.
The main attraction: Lindos’ Acropolis, similar to the Athens’ Acropolis, but they kind of have a greater sight on the sea.

2. Thessaloniki

shutterstock_14464957_1Greece’s second city as size, Thessaloniki has an ancient history (lasting for over four thousands years) still pictured today on a huge amount of monuments during all the ages until now.
The city is actually divided in two separate areas: The Old City and The New City, Thessaloniki has something to offer to each tourist. The most important things to see are The White Tower, Thermaikos Bay with the cliffs full of stores, banks, taverns and also modern bars, The Archeological Museum, The Byzantine Museum, Galeius’ Arch, St. Demeter’s Church, old city center and Modiano Square.
The main attraction: Philip’s Grave, the father of Alexander The Great.

1. Myconos

Town and harbour, Mikonos island, MykonosOne of the most famous locations in Greece, also competing Ibiza or Rimini, is Mykonos. Here is the place where you can actually find everything: from the most beautiful beaches till the best places to shop. If you know you are coming here, it is better to rest and sleep at home because you won’t have too much time for sleep in Mikonos. Everybody knows how to real party in the taverns, clubs and bars and the atmosphere here is really cosmopolite.
Blue and white, crowds and small, narrow streets lined with white houses and blue windows. Not less than 365 churches filling the island with their white cupolas. This are the looks that keep Mykonos in the traditional Greece.
The main attraction: Delos Island, about 30 minutes far from the city, an almost flat island, remains one of the most important Greek archeological centers.

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