Even since we first saw them in our favorite comic books, then in animations and later in movies, superheroes are some more than humans characters that have been always attracting audiences, either we talk about children or adults.

Their creators managed to give them that something in order to make us dream about them and want to act, dress, talk and fight like them. They gave birth to real passions and hobbies and they brought fortunes to their creators. And even if they are today almost historic characters, people still are fascinated of these superheroes and anxiously wait for each new release.

Which such amazing audiences all over the world, there’s no surprise their creators and producers, such as Marvel, DC, Warner, Sony or Fox keep recreating movies where they include their most famous characters, such as Batman, Superman, X-Men or Fantastic Four. And people are really curious about the new story their favorite superheroes will be part of. So here’s a list of Top 6 Most Anticipated Superhero Movies.

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