3. Suicide Squad (2016)

Suicide Squad (2016)Here’s another DC comics inspirational film fans are really excited about. There is one year left until the August 5, 2016 premiere of Suicide Squad and people are really anxious about it. And there is no surprise in this, since the plot is actually taking a gang of antiheroes and makes them fight for the good side this time.

The film is directed by David Ayer, who also worked on the screenplay, originally developed as a comic book story by John Ostrander. The film stars Ben Affleck and Will Smith as Batman and Deadshot, but there are also super antiheroes pictured by Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn), Cara Delevigne (Enchantress) and Jared Leto (The Joker).

In Suicide Squad, these famous antiheroes who did a lot of nasty stuff and created anarchy wherever they got and were captured by the United States Government and imprisoned for years. The authorities decide to use them in suicidal difficult missions in order to reduce their sentences and make them fight for good. Although they hate being good and they hate each other, they somehow decide to follow the mission and work as a team.

2. Justice League Part I and II (2017-2019)

Justice League Part I and II (2017-2019)The first part of Justice League is going to be released on November 17, 2017, while the second part is going to be shown on screens on June 14, 2019. Now this movie is really one of the most expected ever because it is going to show us the best of the best: DC superheroes trying to fight DC worst antiheroes. Either you like Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman or a lot others from DC comics, these films will fit you because they show all your favorite characters.

The action, adventures, fantasy, SF films are directed by famous Zack Snyder, on the screenplay written by Chris Terrio. Although we don’t yet know all the bunch of heroes and antiheroes, some of them are already known and they also feature other further DC films: Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman, Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck are Superman and Batman, Amy Adams pictures Lois Lane, Jason Momoa is Aquaman a.k.a. Arthur Curry and Ray Fisher pictures Cyborg,

The plot is kind of like this: the greatest superheroes in comics meet on the screen to save (aaaa… for the thousand time) the world from the final catastrophe. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and others must forget their vanity and work as a team because they have to face some of the worst antiheroes ever pictured in comics. And, who knows, maybe we’ll get the opportunity to also find out the origins of these heroes.

1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)This is kind of the most anticipated DC movies and also superheroes movies ever! The good news is that we only have to wait a few months until it will be released. That means Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is going to be on screens on March 25, 2016. But if you want to see the film as soon as it is released you’d better start booking your places because we sure know a lot of fans are really anxious to see the battle between these two super loved super heroes.

The film is also directed by Zack Snyder, while the screenplay belongs to Chris Terrio and David S. Goyer. The actors are kind of the same we are also about to see in the future DC productions in their collaboration with Warner Bros Studious announced to be launched before 2020. So, here we have the leading stars of the movie: Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman. We will also see Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Lois Lane (Amy Adams), The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Alfred (Jeremy Irons).

The plot summary looks great and we sincerely hope the film will reach the expectations since this is the great moment when we will see Batman and Superman in the same film, actually fighting against each other. The great superheroes challenge each other while people cannot decide what kind of superhero the modern world needs the most. Of course, as Batman and Superman are in a true war against each other, the greatest danger of them all is right next corner.


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