The cinematographic adaptations, films created by Disney Studios after famous fairy tales all over the world, like Cinderella, The Little Mermaid and Pinocchio were actually much more … friendly than the real script, hiding horrible details initially described by the original authors.

Disney Studios didn’t only change the moment things happen in the fairy tales written by the Grimm Brothers, Hans Christian Andersen, Victor Hugo or other famous authors, but they also showed their passion for happy endings, taking off the stories those details that seemed really unpleasant. From Sleeping Beauty’s rape to the unbelievable revenge Cinderella took over Step Mother, MTV made up a list where they present “6Top Horror Details Disney Removed From Stories”.



6. Cinderella (1950)

CinderellaIn the Disney film released in 1950, Cinderella and the Prince marry and they live happily ever after! It’s the same story in the Grimm Brothers’ story, only that the Step Sisters of beautiful Aschenputtel had an awful and really painful ending. In the movie created by Disney they end up as furious and jealous on Cinderella’s luck, but in the real, original story they were literally disfigured. One of them cut off her big toe so the crystal high heel would fit her, while the other one had to cut off her heel. And the author doesn’t end it here: at Cinderella’s wedding with the Prince, a lot of doves came from Heaven and eat their eyes! Horror!!!

5. The Little Mermaid (1989)

In the story on TV, Ariel became a human after her father decided to transform her and she lived happily ever after together with her husband, Prince Eric. Still, Hans Christian Andersen played a story based on deep and spiritual themes and had a different vision. For example, his mermaid didn’t want legs only to get closer to the prince, but also because mermaids don’t make it to heaven, like people do. Also, in Anderson’s vision, her legs are not a blessing at all because the writer describes how every step was like a sharp knife cut for the human – mermaid. And things get even worse (did he even mean to write a story for children or was it a horror script?), she didn’t get the prince to fall in love with her. If she could, his kiss was supposed to transmit her part of his soul so she could make it to heaven, and in the day of his wedding – The Little Mermaid commits suicide. We still get some sort of a happy ending, if we can call it this way, because instead of transforming into sea mousse, The Little Mermaid became a “Daughter of the Air”, which means she could still become a human if she will do enough good things.

4. Snow White (1937)

In the films on TV or cinema, at the end of the story, the Prince kisses Snow White, he wakes her up and he takes her to his castle, while the maleficent queen dies after she falls down from a rock. The Grimm Brothers have kind of a similar ending in the original written “Snow White”, but the Step Mother has a much crueler fate. The Queen is invited to the wedding where she is given, really, burning high heels and she is forced to dance until she dies.

3. Sleeping Beauty (1959)

PrincessAuroraSleepsIn the movie, the Prince slays the dragon, he kisses Sleeping Beauty and then they dance together while her dress changes shades. In Giambattista Basile’s original story from the 17th century called “Sun, Moon and Talia”, the Prince doesn’t kiss Talia when he finds her asleep, he was actually a king who rapes her. She wakes up a few months later and she finds out she is pregnant with Sun and Moon twins and she meets the king who, by the way, had married during this few months. Still, Talia gets her happy ending with the king, but not before his wife tries to make him eat his own children. As a punishment, the king throws her into fire and marries Talia! Wasn’t this author kind of creepy?

2. Pinocchio (1940)

pinocchio-clip-art-clippinojimIn the film, Pinocchio saves his father, Geppetto from the dangerous wale and the Blue Fairy turns him human. The true Pinocchio, in the story written by Carlo Collodi, was not such a good boy. He is actually the bad boy and he commits murder. After he kills Jiminy, but Geppetto gets into jail for negligence. Once he is released, old Geppetto sells his only coat in order to send Pinocchio to school and buy him books, but the new student sells them to buy tickets for the theatre. The hero goes from bad to worse, but one day the Fox and the Cat tie him upon a tree and he gets left there, hanging.

1. Hunchback of Notre-Dame (1996)

In the true story, Quasimodo doesn’t live a happy ending together with Esmeralda, but he accepts that she doesn’t love him. The original story, written by Victor Hugo, also author of “Les Miserables”, is not happy at all. In few words: Frollo hangs Esmeralda, Quasimodo kills Frollo and then he cries for Esmeralda and starves to death because he cannot see life without her.

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