Who hasn’t enjoyed a good animated movie as a child? From our very first experiences in life we have interacted with them as children and amazed us, entranced us, and even taught us important life lessons which we carry with us even today. But our list is not just for kids. Adults can enjoy them as well, for the humor is not exclusively reserved for the young audiences.

We recommend that you watch these movies together as a family, by yourself or just let the children watch it by themselves( don’t worry, you don’t have to supervise them while they’re watching Lion King or any other of the films, but that doesn’t mean u can leave them in the house by themselves ).

For example Finding Nemo teaches the children to listen to their elderly and not stray off, while the adults learn how to forgive and become more compassionate, and not to give up if your kid is caught by a fisherman in a net . Both parties (children and adult) will enjoy the movies and will feel a sense of joy/satisfaction after finishing watching one of the movies from our list. We hope you enjoy our selected movies and don’t forget: There are no bad monsters in the world.

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