The best films of 2016 include many different films, according to their kinds and categories, big action movies to the intimate dramas.

Among the blockbusters from 2016 to see there are superhero movies, fantasy adventure films, Disney movies/cartoons , without forgetting Tarantino’s top western, Hateful Eight. Not to mention that here are some other good art films that complete these top films.

Let’s investigate the top 15 movies of 2016 now:

15. Zootropolis

In Zootropolis, Judy Hoops, an adorable rabbit, integrates the police. She quickly realizes that to get a place in the middle of all these big guys will be complicated… She then attacks an extremely difficult case to prove but ends up teaming with Nick Wilde, a virtuoso fox scam… a Disney cartoon which is funny, touching, intelligent. Zootropolis takes us on an incredible adventure, showing us a sweet picture of our great society.

14. Me Before You

Adapted from the eponymous bestseller, Before you is a romantic drama endearing and poignant, worn by Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) and Sam Claflin (Hunger Games). The film takes us into the improbable meeting of two passionate beings that are total opposites, Louisa, a young artist without big ambitions and Will, a man once optimistic and happy, became cynical after an accident that left him paralyzed .. . Soon, Louisa is determined to give him a taste of life.

The film is based on the romance novel with the same title written by Jojo Moyes and you can order the book from Amazon right away

13. The Revenant

A true immersion in the heart of a hostile nature and inclement, The Revenant is a drama inspired by real events in the western accents, takes us in the pursuit of relentless vengeance of a man. The film is directed by Oscar-winning director Inarritu and is worn by Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays Hugh Glass, a trapper attacked by a bear and seriously injured.

Alejandro Inarritu won 4 Oscars already and many other awards. Check out his most popular films on his IMDB profile

Abandoned by his teammates, he clings to his love for his family to undertake a journey of more than 300km to find the man who betrayed him.

12. The Other Side of the Door

When she lost her son, a woman torn by grief decides to visit an ancient temple in order to be able to -according to an ancient ritual- say her final farewell. But disobeying the simple rule to never open the door between the living world and the dead, the woman upsets the balance of both worlds…

The Door is a disturbing and dark horror film which skillfully addresses the difficulty of mourning.

11. Gods of Egypt

Carried by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones) and Gerard Butler (300), Gods of Egypt is an epic fantasy action, explosive and astounding, which takes us to the heart of ancient Egypt at the time when the gods lived in harmony among men.

But one day, the country is in chaos after Seth, God of the desert, kills the king and Horus is condemned to exile. Soon released by a young thief, Bek, Horus embarks on an epic adventure to fight the terrible Seth.

10. Carol

Some love stories, even if prohibited, may change your life forever. Therese is a young woman working in a department store in Manhattan. One day she meets Carol, an attractive woman, class and unhappy in her marriage.

In a new friendship, the two women quickly switch to a stronger and more intense relationship. But in the New York of the 1950s, their attraction is not permitted… This is a Romantic, poignant and upsetting drama where Carol takes us into a world of sulfurous forbidden love and passion.

9. The Hateful Eight

While escorting the criminal Daisy Domergue in Red Rock to hang, John Ruth Executioner agrees to take on the way Major Marquis Warren, a former soldier, who also became a bounty hunter and Chris Mannix, the new sheriff of Red Rock.

During their stop at the Haberdashery Minnie, they are greeted by four strange characters, one of which could work well with Dais … Between lively discussions, betrayals, murders and pretense, Quentin Tarantino takes us into a modern, effective, psychological and violent Western, and a background investigation and a Cluedo giant.

There is an awesome site called Everything Tarantino that you should definitely check out if you are a Tarantino fan

8. Five

When Samuel ‘s father cut off his allowance, he decides to take matters in hand and sell grass to keep paying half the rent as expected. But when everything degenerates, his four childhood friends and roommates, Julia, Vadim, Nestor, and Timothy decide to support it.

For better or for worse! It is a real, feel-good movie, Five is a delirious comedy, funny and touching, supported by a cast of young first five stars.

7. Adopte un veuf

Since the death of his wife, Hubert Jacquin fails to regain a taste for life in his huge apartment. He decided, on the advice of a friend to take roommates. Then Manuela arrives home, a bubbly young woman, Paul-Gérard, whose wife left him and Marion, a young nurse a little stuck.

First exceeded, Hubert will soon regain a taste for life. Worn by André Dussollier , Berengere Krief , Arnaud Ducret and Julia Piaton Adopts a widower is a tender comedy , playful and just about mourning and friendship.


6. Chocolat

Spotted one day George Footit, Rafael Padilla, a Blackman who played with the wild in a provincial circus, is offered the opportunity to change their lives. Noting the comic potential of Rafael, Footit, white clown, offers him the opportunity to form with him a clown duo.

From the circuses of the country to Paris, the two men begin their ascent of the stage. Played by Omar Sy and directed by Zem, Chocolat is also a funny and moving dramatic biopic, which emphasizes with force and accuracy the difficult ascent of a black man in the France of the Belle Epoque.

5. Suicide Squad

To counter an invisible but extremely dangerous threat, Amanda Waller, secret agent, brings together a group of the worst criminals ever known, a secret mission against evil. Supported by a five-star cast rampaging, including Will Smith, Jared Leto or Margot Robbie, Suicide Squad is an action movie and explosive “anti- hero”, as funny as unhealthy, which brings together the greatest evils of DC Comics universe.

Want more DC films? Check out this list where you can find all the DC movie titles


4. Hail Caesar!

With Hail, Caesar, a delirious comedy, the Coen brothers plunge us the heart of the golden age of Hollywood and give us a tribute film to the cinema of the yesteryear, with sulfurous numbers to Marilyn Monroe, dancing to Gene Kelly and antiques to Charlton Heston.

The film takes us into the crazy and amazing day of Eddie Manix, an employee of Capitol studio, who has to resolve even the smallest worries, the little star of caprice to the disappearance of the star of the new film product.

3. Freeheld

When she discovers that she is suffering from cancer, Laurel, inspector of New Jersey, has one wish: that her companion, Stacie could receive her pension. But in a masculine and conservative environment, this decision is disturbing and the hierarchy refuses…

Adapted from a true story, Freeheld, carried by the endearing duo Julianne Moore/Ellen Page, is a poignant drama, upsetting and full of emotions while showing two women’s fierce battle of living their love in all freedom.

2. Anomalisa

Trapped in a banal life, Michael Stone, father and author of “How can I help you to help” sees his life turned upside down when he meets Lisa, representative of pastries, which could well be the love of his life…

Film drama movie by Charlie Kaufman, Anomalisa takes us into the moving story of a man lost in his ordinary condition, longing for a little happiness.

Charlie Kaufman was the writer of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind played by Jim Carrey which was a huge success. Check out his complete filmography on Rotten Tomatoes

1. Saint Amour

As he walked away from his son Bruno, Jean decides to take him to a real wine route, that Bruno attends to every year in the Agriculture salon. As the kilometers pass, the father and son get close to taste the wine and the pleasures of life. Buoyed by the unlikely duo Gerard Depardieu/Benoît Poelvoorde, Saint Amour is a touching drama, a real road movie sentimental and poetic through France.


Thank you for reading our article about the top 15 movies of 2016. We hope that you read our next article, which will be about the top 6 movies of Angelina Jolie.

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