Charlie Sheen abused her wife at Christmas. He held a knife to her throat and threatened with murder. At least that’s what a recently published police audio clip reveals. The actor is at large until February.

On the morning of December 26, Charlie Sheen was arrested in Aspen, because according to the suspect, he threatened his wife, Brooke Mueller. Three days after Sheen’s alleged wife beating the Aspen Police disclosed the telephone conversation that was launched by Mueller on the night of her assault.

The woman representing herself as “Brooke” called 911. She spoke whispering with a faint, trembling voice, her words were sometimes hardly discernible. “My husband (not understandable) me with a knife, and frightened me very much. I thought I would be dead within an hour..” – quotes CBS News the voice recording.

The channel only has this information on the case, since the police have not yet disclosed the full study material as requested by the prosecutor.

His wife planned to divorce him which quickly led to an outrage

Charlie Sheen ex-wife and kidsAccording to the Daily Mail, however, Mueller’s testimony claims that her husband pushed her down on the bed on a Saturday morning and held a knife to her throat while threatening her, saying that he will kill her if she really wants to divorce. “It is better if you start to be afraid. For if you tell anyone, I’ll kill you.” – Remembers the woman her husband’s words.

According to the information in the magazine, the actor possibly used a pocket knife. The 32-year-old wife said that her husband wanted to run away from the house after the knife scene, but the police soon arrived. According to a telephone conversation, not just the couple and their twin sons were present in the house, but the woman’s other family members were also there.

As long as the woman telephoned from the kitchen, Sheen reportedly stayed with the relatives in the next room. However, Brooke Mueller’s trustworthiness is in question, since the police report says that she had a high blood alcohol level which implies drunkenness. Although who would not have thrown in a few hootches sour after someone pressing a knife to her throat?

The court took the appropriate measures

After the incident, the 44-year-old actor spent ten hours at the station, and then he was released for a little more than 1700 dollars. The Attorney General, Arnold Mordkin said on Monday that the actor may be punished by imprisonment between two and eight years and has to pay 1400 to 350000 dollars. The actor will appear at the court next time on February 8, but due to the restraining order, he can not see his family until then.

Charlie Sheen already had a similar issue in 1996, then he attacked his then-girlfriend in his California home, but got off cheaply with a probationary period of two years. In 1998, after a conflict with his father, he was forced to frequent a tapering-off cure due to his cocaine addiction.

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