In this life you get to meet all sorts of people. Nice people, bad people, people you definitely you don’t wanna get involved with and… me, the no lifer.

Why there are people you don’t wanna mess with? Cause they easily get to hold grudges and can and definitely will suck the life outta you if you aren’t in their standards, thinking probably that they are some sort of geniuses that know it all.

“You know it all?” “Yea I know it all, how do you think I am still breathing? There are all sorts of people, -starting as me as well and probably I’m one of those, you never know, muhahah, -that universe and the Darwinian laws don’t let them survive this harsh world.

Understandably they are not that wrong but seem to think they have the upper hand when it comes to others in deciding with their killing of the respective individual.

Some people are indeed a mess of emotions, and if you are not careful you could get in the way of Hulk, the green thing that hasn’t any kind of brain activity, doing only what they feel to, being very fugly, and of course spilling his anger over whomever gets in his way.

That kinda people you must watch for are never green but red with anger and will definitely make a step over you in the most creative ways possible. And kill you. These are the following examples:

No. 15

most stupid deathsAlex Mijtus was killed by his wife with a 20 inch long vibrator having enough of his strange sex practices and stuffed the thing into his anus leading to severe internal bleeding and… death…

I must say… probably she was quite large and felt that he couldn’t satisfy her no more and he bought a fellow friend to aid him in his quest. But 20 inch. Oh my fucking god. It’s like 50 Cm, half a meter, like my arm for example.

Jesus fucking Christ, it makes me sick only imagining the scene and the protrusion of that shit. Are they for real man ?! Yes, yes they are.


stupid death listsDebby Mills- a 99 years old lady that was turning 100 the next day was hit by the truck that delivered her cake.

The irony in this one. Having a centenarian living in your family gets your hopes quite up-high, but dying in this manor not at all amusing. Dunno of what the truck driver was thinking, oh I know. Boooobs.

And my imagining is on a small street on which her death had been occurring why was he rolling so fast, not seeing the old lady in the wheelchair crossing the street. Or he was jealous. I tend to believe that more…

No. 13

most stupid deaths listPeter Stone was killed by his daughter, being sent to her room with no diner and as a result the little daughter poured rat poison in her father’s coffee making him dead in less than a minute.

The judge let her go with that until she tried the same scheme with her mother one month later.

Yes, that happens with people if they aren’t punished at the right time for their mistakes, crime in this case. Damn she hold one big grudge on her father trying to teach her a lesson that probably she didn’t receive when she was little. Hunger is the first lesson a child must learn. And he was kinda late with the teaching so he felt that pretty good. Sad-sad story…


David Danil, a 17 years old kid was killed by his girlfriend after he tried to get in her panties being responded with a kick in the chest and four shots from a double barrel shotgun, gave by her father before the date in case of needed.

What what what… Her father gave her a handgun in any case?!. Damn parents this days, they are fucking retarded or something. What did he believed when he gave her that? That she would pet him with the gun? Points of IQ :-100. And a double barrel shot gun. It’s not like you could hide it in you purse or pocket. Where did she held it?!


most stupid death listJavie Halos was killed by his landlord for forgetting to pay his rent for eight year, you heard it right, eight freggin years, killing him with a toilet seat realizing how much has really passed since his last payment.

Really? Really? He just realized how long has passed and decided to make himself justice after … 8 years, was he a midget or off the law that he couldn’t get his money from him ?! That’s quite retarded right here.

No. 10

most stupid death listsMary Lee-Cooper, not any of the owners of the big fashion empire, a 11 years old was killed by her sister that had only one year, climbing on top of her and suffocating her.

Tragic death indeed. What could make her not feel that a living thing is crawling over your… or she had a nightmare in which she’d seen that?!

Only God knows what went inside her head… and the little prick… marked for life indeed .

No. 9

most stupid death listMegan Fri, a 44 year old woman was lost in a live firing action of 14 storm troopers and came in front of her and yelling “boo!”, receiving in exchange 67 bullets from which 40 hit the target. One of them stated that it looked like a fucking real target.

What could’ve gone in her mind at that moment nobody could tell us but most certainly a bullet. This is a real replica of human stupidity in action as we can see and nobody could deny it’s valor in the lowest IQ possessor yet.

No. 8

This one is with bad fortune, for the one who did it. Fiona Given, another adolescent of 17 years old was killed by a hit man who was promised $500.000 for his job. Later on the hit man discovered that his dad was in jail for rape and his mother was ironing clothes for a living. Indeed bad luck for the man.

I sincerely don’t know how he was supposed to trust a man, pardon me, a boy, which told him he would pay him that preposterous amount for a killing. The president Kennedy was killed for less. What was he supposed to be, a frekkin’ billionaire? And of course the hit man did it for nothing, nothing in advance nothing at all. He went on trust for a vindictive boy. Good job man!

No. 7

most stupid deaths everLouis Zaragoza- 68. Yes, this one is the real deal. After trying numerous times to get rid of her husband, four to be more precise, she tried a 5th time when she was caught up by Louis behind her and tried to grab her, making her to trip and fall stabbing him in the process directly in the heart, killing him in a brief second.

This is why the divorce is invented. Or you want to get greedy and go to freggin’ jail for your lacking of pleasure in the bed? Fucked up lady, fucked up story. I know some similar cases in which they stay for the money hoping to get the whole amount after their death. This human race is indeed a fucked up one.

No. 6

stupid deaths by coca colaMahmood Foli- 22. This one right here is one of the cases you only see in the movies. Think this. You are a bartender and at some point you want to clean the table and get to the next awaiting customers. And see this.

You are taking the drink from a Russian Mob, and he forces you to drink 27 liters of Coca Cola– The one he took away- making you to finally drown.

This one right here could be a movie subject. But my question is that nobody was there to see the whole shit and stop it somehow. I think the detectives are pretty good having the fact that not till this day is known the guy who forced him to drink so much Cola.

No. 5

most stupid deathsJulia Smeeth-20. This case is the real one of human stupidity and absurdity. Being upset by the fact that Julia was talking too much on the phone, her brother decided to take the phone from her and club her to death, stabbing her afterwards with the remaining parts of the phone.

Logic in this one? Nada. Trust me, nothing in this world would wanna make you do that for simply talking too much on the phone, there must’ve been something else… probably she was talking with one of his ex-friends or something, otherwise I can’t explain myself why she did upset him in that manner that made him kill the hell outta her.

No. 4

Hellena Simms. This is the horror comedy in which human nature rests in. A nuclear scientist wife, having an affair with the neighbor upset him in such a manner that he decided to put uranium in her eye contact lens and kill her in the process.

What is the most interesting fact about that is that, during the time she put on that eye shit, she never suspected that something was wrong, even though she suffered severe hair loss, blindness, extreme nausea and even an year drop, she never went to the freggin’ doctor to see what’s wrong with her.

Wonder what he told to herThe weather darling is causing all that, don’t you see, I have a bald head as well, oh wait, you can’t see, then well… trust me even though you slept with the neighbor. There-there darling, lemme get you to the toilet. Doctor, what doctor? It’s the weather darling, it will pass, as you as well.” What?” “Nothing, I was talking about the weather”.

No. 3

most stupid death listSergeant John Joe Winter decided one day that the “two time wife”, probably leaving him after founding someone and being afraid of him she came back, to put in her Ford Taurus some 750 kg of explosive TNT, what is that, it’s like a rice seed, nothing significant.

One day she drove the car and at some point it exploded in such a manner that nothing of the car was left, the explosion being seen from 14 km away and a portion of 500 meters of road were missing.

That some revenge right there, not with the fluking up with the breaks like the precedent lady did. This was done in style. And what a style my mad. I’m almost not sorry for the lady that blew up.

No. 2

stupid death listsPatty Winter, with no relationship with the previous Winter, was complaining about the F6 engine that her neighbor held to the sheriff and upset the poor man, inviting her over a cup of tea one day, not telling that he switched the position of the engine and decided to turn it on with her in the area of activity, burning her to 5000 degrees.

I can’t imagine what was in that fellows mind when he decided that kinda thing… probably it was more important than his wife. Oh wait, he didn’t had one, so he burned the only one that could’ve been. Intelligent of him.

No. 1

Michael Lewis being angry at his gay bf decided to make him a prank. Inspired by the movie “Die Hard”, he drugged the poor fellow almost into a catatonic state and put a white board on him in which he wrote “Death to all Niggers” and on the other “ Long live the K.K.K. “or something like that and dropped him in the nearby Harlem downtown area. Two minutes later the guy was deceased.

So much grudge he must’ve held over his boyfriend, fuck this gays shits, anyhow, that made him an invention that he would revenge on him and not actually kill him, but let him be killed by a bunch of black fellows. Poor little guy. He didn’t had a fucking clue. I’m joking Die motherfucker dieee. XD

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