The media is a very powerful entity. There are times that people would believe what they see on the internet or see on the TV than what they hear in school.

The same people would likely prefer to follow the ways of actors, musicians, and famous celebrities over scientists, thinkers, and thought leaders.

It’s not that people in media are bad role models. It’s just that sometimes, media entities and personalities don’t see how much they influence the lives of people who watch them. We can’t blame anyone for this. It’s the price of being connected to one another all the time.

Despite all that, we can’t deny that some celebrities have been very good influences to people and have bred a very healthy following and we cannot help but acknowledge that these people can make a massive change in our society in their own ways.

Who are the most influential celebrities in the year 2016? Let’s check out who they will be.

10. Laverne Cox

most influental celebrityCaitlyn Jenner is not the only transsexual celebrity worth noting. Laverne Cox has made a buzz when she became the first publicly recognized transgender to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for acting for her role as Sophia Burset in the TV series Orange Is The New Black on Netflix.

She also was recognized and to be the first one nominated for an Emmy since musician Angela Morley back in 1990. She also became the first openly transgendered person to have a wax replica of herself at Madame Tussauds.

Why is she influential? Well, we have to admit that homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality are very sensitive issues in the United States. You know what’s another sensitive issue in this country? Racism and discrimination against blacks.

Do you imagine a black transsexual person succeeding in a place like the U.S.A.? We all know that the United States are proud with their culture founded on freedom but some (if not most) of the people in the country, American freedom has a gender and racial preference.

What Laverne Cox did is a revolutionary move and a sign of a paradigm shift. The fact that his achievements have been made public instills an image in the minds of the American citizens that tells them of the harmless and progressive nature of acceptance.

9. Reese Witherspoon

most influental celebs listReese Witherspoon is one of the timeless celebrities the world just can’t stop loving. Born in March 22, 1976, Reese had her first exposure to mainstream film as a child actress in The Man on the Moon. She also had a role in the movie Freeway.

But the start of her rise to stardom, as said by many who know her, was when she starred in Pleasantville. Her first major award, which is from the Golden Globes, was for her role as Tracy Flick in the movie Election.

Who can forget her role as the main star of the move Legally Blonde, the movie that sealed her identity as a Hollywood Star?

Her success did not end there. Years after, she was cast in different big roles in movies like Sweet Home Alabama (her most successful film in her career) and Walk the Line (which earned her man awards). She returned as the main protagonist in the Legally Blonde sequel and appeared in roles for Monsters vs. Aliens and Water for Elephants.

She is also a producer. If you don’t know, she produced Gone Girl, a critically acclaimed film based on a book. She also starred in the steamy film, Cruel Intentions, where she met her future husband (and ex-husband) Ryan Philippe.

Witherspoon became an influential icon due to her unbelievably charming aura. She has this innocent blonde vibe yet you know that she’s not dumb or naïve at all. She is seen as a voluptuous beauty by many viewers but when she was younger, she is more of your girl-next-door type of personality.

8. John Oliver

most influental celebs in 2016Laughter is the best medicine. Laughter is contagious. Laughter might be the only contagious medicine out there and John Oliver can give you the latest strain. An Englisman born on April 23, 1977, Oliver is a well-known comedian, TV host, and political commentator.

He’s famous in the U.S. for being the host of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, an HBO television show. His experience in such kind of performance can be attributed to his stint with John Stewart in The Daily Show. Bolstering his portfolio of funny, he also co-hosts a satirical podcast called The Bugle and hosts his own New York Stand-Up Show on Comedy Central.

Want to know how influential this guy is? How many comedians do you know that influenced U.S. legislation regulations? John Oliver is known for doing that. He influenced not only legislation regulations but also court rulings and other cultural matters of the U.S.A..

John Oliver is so influential that one time, he asked the FCC to deal with the lapses of internet service providers. When he told his show’s viewers to send comments to the FCC’s website, it crashed due to instant heavy traffic. Despite his influence, John Oliver never saw himself as a journalist. We can’t really blame him if people tend to trust him more than the rest of the media industry.

7. Kevin Hart

most influental celebs in 2016Kevin Hart is the comedian of the new age. This Philly native began his career as a comedian when he won a number of amateur comedy contests all over New England. His big break was when he was cast by Judd Apatow for a frequent role on the television show Undeclared.

Soon after, he landed roles in different movies like Paper Soldiers, Scary Movie 3, In the Mix, Little Fockers, and Soul Plane. Kevin Hart preferred sticking to comedy, which is his forte.

His credentials grew when he released his first stand-up album called I’m a Grown Little Man and performed in films like Think Like a Man, Ride Along, Grudge Match, About Last Night, and Get Hard, in which he performed side by side with fellow comedian Will Ferrell.

His first stand-up album was followed by two more: Seriously Funny and Laugh at my Pain. He owns the lead role in Real Husbands in Hollywood. His most recent film activities are with Ice Cube in Ride Along, a movie that garnered up success and negative reviews. He returned for the movies sequel this January 2016.

Like John Oliver, Kevin Hart uses his comedic background to influence people. His comedy is different and can be described as situational, emotional, and pedestrian. Hart is very articulate with his vocal delivery and what makes people like him is his vibe that can be compared to Chris Rock’s.

6. Amy Schumer

most influental actresses of 2016Schumer is the most talked about female comedian of the current era. A creator, producer, writer and an actor, Schumer was born in June 1, 1981 and has been named as one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People.

In her career, she garnered multiple awards form the Peabodys and the Primetime Emmys. She wrote and starred in the movie Trainwreck, which catapulted her to massive fame. She received a WGA award nomination for best original screenplay and a nomination from the Golden Globes for the Best Actress – Motion Picture, Comedy, or Musical. She also was included in Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People of 2015.

Schumer is relatively new to the limelight, as far as viewers know. But how did she get so liked in such a short time? Well, Schumer was thoroughly praised for her portrayal of subversive feminists and way of addressing social issues through her comedy.

She called the attention of Monica Heisey from The Guardian, who criticized her for her turning a blind eye towards racial issues. Schumer responded by tweeting Heisey that she’s not racist and she’s portraying a disgraceful woman who’s supposed to act dumb, so it’s not a surprise if the character would be ignorant about race. She is also an advocate of strict gun laws and further mental health funding.

This powerful no-fucks-given attitude of hers is what makes people love her so much.

5. Bradley Cooper

most influental celebrities of 2016Bradley Cooper is somehow similar to some people already mentioned in this least. He’s an experienced actor who only rose to fame in recent years. If you look at him further, you will end up asking yourself “How did this guy become famous only just now?

Bradley Charles cooper was born on January 5, 1975 and is an actor and producer. He has been nominated for four Academy awards, one for producing and three for acting. He also was nominated for one Tony award. This guy was People’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2011.

He had a degree in English from Georgetown and a Master’s degree in acting from Actors Studio Drama School at The New School. He was first sighted in films as an actor in Wedding Crashers, Yes Man, and He’s Just Not That Into You.

His rise to stardom was made possible by his role in The Hangover trilogy. He was also included in the A-Team and was recognized as a superstar when he was cast for the lead role in the thriller movie Limitless.

Why is Bradley Copper influential? Well, he’s hot and handsome. That’s for sure. Other than that, he’s a very gracious and graceful individual who shows his breeding and level of education and thinking through his words and behavior.

Despite only getting recognition a decade after his acting career started, he does not act like some frustrated ass who blabs about how stupid the industry is for just paying attention to him just recently. Bradley Cooper is a role model and will likely have more great years if he continues being like this.

4. Kanye West

most influental celebsKanye West doesn’t care. That’s why you do. West is controversial recording artist, song writer, music producer, fashion designer, director and record label owner.

He is known for being an outspoken rapper with statements that caught the praise and ire of people in the entertainment industry. West was first known as a Roc-A-Fella Records producer, producing hits for current music icons, such as Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. After that, he decided stuck with rapping.

After achieving success in his first album The College Dropout, he continued experimenting with other types of music that he can incorporate with his rap. Late Registration was a baroque-influenced album. Graduation was tinged by electronica. All his albums up to his latest, Yeezus, were all critically acclaimed.

West gained popularity and publicity due to his outspoken views. One of his notable statements was when he criticized George W. Bush for not caring about black people when the Hurricane Katrina struck the southern states.

Despite all the controversy and drama Kanye’s life is smothered in, we know for a fact that he is a creative musician and has earned the respect of his colleagues and contemporaries in the industry.

Her marriage to Kim Kardashian just made him more influential and the two are packaged as a power couple in the entertainment industry. Kanye continues to be amusingly outrageous after the marriage.

3. Emma Watson

most influental celebsEven outside Harry Potter movies, Emma Watson is still a magical persona. The British actress, model, and activist rose to relevance when she took the role of half-Muggle Hermione Granger in the blockbuster fantasy franchise Harry Potter that lasted from 2001 to 2011.

Before Harry Potter, she was only acting in school plays. This might have been a factor for the critical accolades and praises for her Harry Potter performance. Watson became the stuff of the dream and wonder of every child of the 2000s. Beyond Harry Potter, she lent her voice to the movie The Tale of Despereaux and appeared in the TV adaptation of Ballet Shoes. She also starred in The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Bling Ring.

Emma constantly gains the affection and admiration of the people who see her due to her professionalism, high level of self-image, and strong regard for education. She continued her education studying at Brown University and Oxford University. She earned a degree in English literature from Brown last 2014.

She is a vocal advocate of gender equality and expresses support of men who stand up and fight for it. She was appointed by the United Nations as a Good Will Ambassador to help launch the UN campaign HeForShe. She earned the top spot in AskMen’s Top 99 Outstanding Women of 2015 for her commitment to women’s rights issues, boldness to directly address men regarding them, and her smart, controlled approach in her advocacy.

2. Kim Kardashian

most influental celebrities in 2016This woman is who women want to be and love to hate, and who men love to shame and want to nail. Kim Kardashian is an exceptionally controversial celebrity who is known as someone who’s “famous for being famous.

Kim is the daughter of Kris Jenner (née Houghton) and Robert Kardashian, the infamous lawyer who defended O.J. Simpson when he was tried for the murder of his ex-wife and his friend. A socialite, social media personality, actress, and model, Kardashian was known to be a close buddy to Paris Hilton when she was younger.

She became (in)famous for her sex video with her then-boyfriend Ray J that was leaked and spread by Vivid Entertainment last 2007. Due to this, Kim became so famous that it led to the making of spin-off shows showing the everyday life of Kim and her sisters. By 2010, Kardashian was revealed to be the highest-paid reality TV star, with a valued earning of $6,000,000.00.

She gathered more heat when she was married to Kris Humphries, an NBA player, and ended the marriage after 72 days. Kardashian was vocal about the recognition of the existence of the Armenian Genocide. Kardashian is ethnic Armenian from her father. Kardashian ended up marrying Kanye West and bore a two children with him, North and Saint.

Why is Kim Kardashian so influential? She probably is media’s most beloved darling. News and entertainment companies just can’t stop talking about her. You know why? People want to know about her for many reasons. Nonetheless, no one can argue the fact that a normal person would break down if he or she experiences all the attention and chaos Kim Kardashian’s going through every day. She deserves massive props.

1. Taylor Swift

most influental celebs in 2016Oh, Tay. She is darling of the music industry and the idol of, arguably, the most fanatic fan base of this generation.

Swift is an American pop singer (country before) and songwriter from Pennsylvania. Her career move started when she moved to Nashville when she was 14 to start a career as a country singer. Early in her career, Swift has already been seen as an extraordinary creator and performer. She became the youngest songwriter ever signed by Sony/ATV Music.

She was also the youngest person to compose and perform her own number-one song on the Hot County Songs chart. Her pop hits include Love Story and You Belong With Me. Her Fearless album was 2009’s best-selling album, won her four Grammy Awards, and made Swift the youngest to win the Album of the Year. Her following albums were a success too. Swift went on selling millions and winning awards, making her too hard to ignore. The reason she’s number one in this list is super-obvious.

Taylor Swift is an open book to the people. Her songs were legitimately all about her experiences. She is damn good at expressing them in the best way a person can understand, too. Everyone relates to her so much, particularly female American teens and pre-teens, who are some of the most fanatic fans in the planet, and who also happen to be the majority of Swifts market.

Another thing that helped her achieve the influence she has now is because she looks like what every female American teen wants to look like but at the same time, she actually kind of looks likes them still. She stands at the boundary between the world of the gods and goddesses and the world of the commoners. Taylor Swift is living the female American teen dream and she’ll living it all of her fans, and they don’t mind living in their own dreamland in their minds, imagining themselves in Tay’s gem-studded shoes.

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