We all have movies that we love and have watched over and over again. We have them on VHS tapes or DVDs, placed on a special shelf where no one else can touch them or in a special folder in our computers.

But, at the same time, there are those movies which we despise from the bottom of our hearts, either because something about them makes us feel miserable or because they are pure letdowns. And when it comes to the horror genre, it is not difficult to fail.

The Recipe of Failure

Be it because of a pretentious demanding audience expecting too much from a simple film, the blood thirsty critics who cannot wait for a new victim to shred it into pieces or a not exactly inspired story told over and over again, nothing and no one can save those movies from falling into the pit of shame.

And sometimes, not even a good cast can save a horror film from the bad reviews and the general view as a “mustn’t-ever-see”.

Newer, But Not Better

Another reason why some movies are despised even before their official release or why they are really bad is their status as remakes. Classic movies are often remade, but rarely succeed.

Some of the most recent versions bring nothing new except for the latest gadgets on the market, the newest additions to Hollywood’s A-list and the most recent artists on the soundtrack, while the story remains a useless carbon copy of the original film. On the other side, there are those horror remakes which change the original story and characters so much that the entire movie ends up being a butchered parody of its predecessor.

Are You Ready?

Sharing is caring, so that’s why we, the 6toplists team, are sharing our top 10 horror movies you should avoid if you don’t want to suffer from a great disappointment. And don’t feel bad if you actually like them. There are plenty of fish in the sea and you can always replace your favorite with another one we just missed or liked ourselves.

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