3rd: The Pact (2012)

The Pact is a 2012 horror movie following a young woman Annie (Caity Lotz) who tries to uncover the secret behind her sister’s (Nicole Barlow) and cousin’s (Katheleen Rose Perkins) disappearances.

During her investigation, her dreams and some clues, including the finding of a hidden room in her mother’s house lead her to a much darker secret.

Disorder! Disorder Everywhere!

The reason why The Pact takes the third place on our list, despite the many positive reviews online is that it is a too disordered movie with many plot holes which will never be resolved.

movie sceneOne can say that the lack of spookiness is also a huge flaw. In fact, the movie places itself somewhere between a thriller and a mystery movie with a slight touch of drama.

In other words, it is not for people who want to enjoy some good scares, but for those who have never seen a great horror movie and still don’t want to.

The Chance

If you ignore the fact that as a horror movie it is a total failure, The Pact has an interesting approach with an eerie atmosphere which makes it a quite satisfying flick. At the same time, the plot twists are enjoyable and some people even found the ending truly pleasant, but those were not us. We just didn’t find it appealing.

2nd: Prom Night (2008)

Prom Night is an American slasher horror apparently remade after the Canadian eponymous 2008 movie starring Jamie Lee Curtis. The film follows the story of Donna Keppel (Brittany Snow) a high school student who witnessed her family’s brutal murder by her own teacher (Johnathon Schaech) who has become sickly obsessed with her.

horror scene from movie Prom NightYears after the event, Donna is preparing herself for the best night of an American teenager – prom night, but surprisingly her past is not done with her and her stalker comes back to finish his job.

Worst Slasher Movie of the Decade?

You don’t have to be a slasher movie expert – not even a horror movie one – to realize that Prom Night is bad. Really bad. What is truly the horror in this movie are the redundant plot – or to be specific the lack of plot – and the pathetic lines which seem to be taken right from “Cliché teen lines for dummies”.

Not even the villain is frightening as he seems just an average Joe who watched too many episodes of CSI. At least we could thank him for killing some boring characters, destroying Donna’s Power Puff Girls squad and ruining an already boring prom.

Teen Horror Movies 101

If there’s something this movie is useful for is that he teaches young aspiring writers how to not write a horror movie script and what a catastrophic effect has the lack of character development. Also, the suspense makes it quite interesting at some points, but unfortunately it fails to deliver us a good climax just as the killer fails to get rid of all those typical bratty rich teens.

1st: Drag Me to Hell (2009)

Drag Me to Hell is a 2009 horror directed by Sam Raimi, better known for his work for the Spider-Man trilogy. The movie tells the story of a bank loan officer Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) who in hope of getting a promotion humiliates an elderly woman (Lorna Raver).

What Christine did not know was that the woman was not your average granny, but an angry Roma witch who puts a terrible curse on her and ruins her life, just as the banker ruined hers by not helping her.

Don’t Let Yourself Fooled by the Reviews!

Despite the many positive reviews, the movie is pure absurdity. Unlike Sam Raimi’s other horrors like Evil Dead and The Grudge, this movie is a huge joke.

Be it the racism and stereotypical portrayal of the Roma community, the abuse towards animals or the tasteless unnecessary humor, Drag Me to Hell does nothing but disgust its viewers with gross green goo, insects and a corpse defying the laws of psychics and logic.

roma witch from drag me to the hell movieIn fact, if it were not for the quality of the image and the good directing, this could actually pass as an amateur movie.

The Best Part?

The ending. Literally. We do not refer to the actual ending scene which is indeed satisfying, but to the fact that this movie actually ends at some point and the audience is rescued from more minutes of this grotesque infantile story.

Though, maybe some of you might enjoy it as a black comedy and we are just too picky. Maybe the movie is at least entertaining. Or maybe not.

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