Who doesn’t love a good stoner movie? Its summer, hot outside and you have nothing better to do but light up a “splif” and laugh to your heart’s content how other people get high/ plastered. Stoner films are usually a subgenre comedy films that revolve around the consumption of cannabis or films to watch under the influence of cannabis, not that we recommend you should smoke a joint, if you know what we mean?.

In our top 10 Stoner movies list, we want to celebrate the “high spirit of the stoner movie genre. What is interesting about these types of films is that they reach to a very wide audience: from young to old; male or female; business man, farmer or school teacher, everybody has had a dap of the Maui Wowie, the Green Goblin, the Rastaman, the Purple Haze, Mary-Jane, Black Russian, Chronic, Skunk or whatever you and all of your friends call it.

But we do not judge if you have never taken a hit of weed in your life. Really, never ever? Even so you can enjoy out list of selected movie and have fun laughing at the perils that our protagonists have to go through while they are being high or trying to gate high.

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