3. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1988)

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1988)Terry Gilliam really deserves a standing ovation for this work. It truly is an achievement to have created such a unique way and have it still work as a movie and as a story. Gilliam made all the right decisions and really shined in this movie.

A journalist and his lawyer drive into Las Vegas. With them they have an idea for a story, trunk full of narcotics, a yearning for release and …. a fear of bats. Along the way hallucinations are had, drugs ingested, snorted, shot and dripped, women are met, dinosaur tails are worn, sand drunk and something gets written. Yes, it’s that kind of movie. And it is amazing.

Johnny Depp is known for his involved preparations for his roles. And this just might be the crowning achievement of that. Not only did he shave the top of his head to achieve the desired haircut, and wore clothes owned by Thompson but he actually hunted down the man himself – pun intended – and befriended him to get his mannerisms down.

He actually lived with the man to truly absorb his essence. And boy did he succeed. Hunter S. Thompson is transferred to the silver screen beautifully in all his gonzo glory. It is raving mad, yet strangely lucid and charismatic when the mood happens upon him. The script practically writes itself, which happens oddly often with Depp, now that we think about it.

And yes, the story itself makes little to no sense. It’s practically the acknowledged best way to experience drugs without actually taking any. Though being drunk while watching the film certainly helps, not gonna lie. But that’s the whole point. It’s an experience, a philosophical-spiritual-maddening journey into a man’s psyche and an exploration of the underbelly of the American Dream.

2. The Big Lebowski (1998)

The Big Lebowski (1998)The Coen Brothers have a unique sense of humor which they incorporate in every one of their movies. The Big Lebowski features Jeff Bridges in the leading role of ‘The Dude’ or ‘His Dudeness‘ or ‘El Duderino’, whatever you like better. Easily one of the coolest movie characters ever created, ‘The Dude‘ is an unemployed guy who passes his time by playing bowling and does not give a damn about what others think of him. There happens to be another Lebowski who is a millionaire, so a couple of guys mistake the dude for him when they are looking for a payoff.

Jeff The Dude Lebowski is an unemployed slacker with very simple taste: bowling, marijuana, White Russians, and a rug that ties the room together. When thugs mistake him for Jeff “The Big” Lebowski (David Huddleston) and “vandalize” the Dude’s rug, he seeks compensation from the Big Lebowski; but by the time an agreement is reached, the Dude finds himself in the crossfire of a conflict involving kidnappers and the Big Lebowski’s much younger wife (Tara Reid).

Above par upon first viewing, but the replay value is unmatchable and will eventually wind up at the top of your favorite stoner comedies. Along the lines of other Coen Brothers comedies, but this one is easily the best; it is layered with terrific minor characters played by an exceptional supporting cast. Let’s not forget the incredible soundtrack, which consists of many of the Dude’s favorite.

The movie is filled with incredibly hilarious dialogues and some outrageous actions by the characters. The cinematography is fantastic and there are certain dream sequences which have been captured magnificently. The Big Lebowski has all the ingredients that are required for being a classic that will be remembered for decades to come. If you want a truly exhilarating cinematic experience, then go ahead and watch this movie now.

1. Friday (1995)

Friday (1995)Friday, is possibly one of our most watched movies; we can recite pretty much every line. It has so many quotable lines & memorable moments. The soundtrack is also a massive hit with plenty of great hip hop sounds.

The Story

Two best friends, Smokey (Chris Tucker) & Craig (Ice Cube) spend their Friday unemployed and avoiding the local drug dealer as Smokey owes him money. In this hilarious comedy you really see Chris Tucker steal the show. He is one of our favorite characters out of all the comedy films we have seen. Ice Cube is also great in this and it is “Friday” that made us look out for all of Ice Cubes later films.

As well as those two you have Craig’s Dad (John Witherspoon) & Deebo (Tommy Lister) both giving fantastic performances also. The supporting cast are used just right, the make plenty of appearances but do not get in the way of the two leads screen time. It is the chemistry between Chris Tucker & Ice Cube that makes it perfect; they appear at the start to be complete opposites but as the movie grows so does their relationship on screen.

Classic Stoner Movie

Friday is certainly regarded as a classic stoner comedy due, hands down, to its script. This is where the comedy comes from; there is minimal (if any) slap stick humour. The script offers so many hilarious conversations and one liners that will have you in stitches.

The film has an extremely basic plot; almost 100% of the screen time is taken by Ice Cube and Chris Tucker and is mostly set on a house porch. This is what makes this film perfect! It is simple. It is set over 24 hours, but it is kept simple with just the right amount of story. There are some sub plots and back stories which give more depth to the characters but ultimately it’s set in one day.

We would go as far as to say that Chris Tucker made this film what it was, Next Friday & Friday After Next weren’t a scratch on this, and I believe that is because they were lacking Chris Tuckers presence.

It is refreshing to watch a “Hood” film that gives off a positive, feel good vibe. Most successful hood films have been gritty & emotional with a negative feel. Friday offers such an upbeat take on this genre and makes you think that the hood isn’t all that bad.

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