No one can say that Sidney Sheldon`s talents have been overlooked during his lifetime, but as we know being a writer is far more complicated than just writing a story out, having it published and become famous overnight. Sheldon started off as a no more, no less than a script writer and reviewer for Hollywood, where he managed to sell his first screenplay of his own. However he had to take a break from writing when he enlisted into the army. After the war, he settled in New York where he began building up a reputation as a creative writer. He continue on writing musicals for MGM Studios and Paramount, taking advantage of the rise of television in order to make a name for himself.

With years of experience behind him, he wrote his first novel only in 1969. The Naked Face earned him the Edgar Allan Poe Award and his second novel, The Other side of Midnight, escalated up to number 1 in The New York Times Best Seller List. Most of his novels are about women who manage to be both talented and capable, while at the same time they retain their femininity and that aura of vulnerability that makes them so attractive to a certain male character in the books. When he was interviewed about his novels, Sheldon simply replied he wanted to write my books so the reader can`t put them down. Whether that is true or not is left to the fans to decide, but his books certainly hold the potential to turn any person into a voracious reader.

There are voices that would define Sidney Sheldon`s novels as predictable, but what is the blame in giving the characters a happy ending? Some of his inspirations will leave you baffled when you`ll realize that the idea has been out there all the time, but no one seemed to take notice and advantage of it. Sidney Sheldon was and remains the unchallenged master of bestselling fiction, and should you wish to enhance the reading experience of his novels, know that some of them have also been screened into movies or screenplays.

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