Life can be hard. School and exams, work and horrible bosses, family and drama, all sorts of problems, random dilemmas… sometimes everything is against us. We cannot get a single moment of peace and silence. Though, once in a blue moon, we get some free time to spend it on our favorite leisure activities. And because we live in an era ruled by media and technology, the best way to relax is to watch TV. And no one is going to watch dramas to get away from their own. People want overused jokes, lame puns, embarrassing situations… in other words – people want comedies.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

In terms of amusement, everyone finds different things amusing. While some people enjoy something, the others are entertained by something else. Some still laugh at disgusting jokes about puke or farts, while others prefer intelligent jokes with a lot of subtext. Of course, some are into the infamous political incorrect jokes which can cover sexual themes, social issues of race and ethnicity, origins, family background, delicate situations such as references to tragedies and so on; though, at the same time, others prefer decent delicate anecdotes, something that would not insult nor harm someone else’s feelings. But from time to time people do agree on stuff like what are the best jokes, the most memorable comedies and the funniest TV series.

The best of the best

Hence we cannot cover all the subject, we all gathered our forces and worked our brains out to bring you a list with ten of the most worthy TV series to be watched by someone looking for some good laughs. We looked for specialized critical acclaim, so that you can have an expert’s opinion, too; we looked for the masses’ point of view, because the ordinary man’s opinions matter, too. We, of course, also took into account the story line, the characters and the actors, the years when they were broadcasted, the word plays and running gags, whether it is satire or character comedy, blue comedy or black, a sitcom or a sketch. After many filters, we somehow managed to resume our list to only ten out of the many funniest TV series and sitcoms.

Here you go!

We cannot assure you might like them or that you might see something new on the list, but maybe it will convince you to give a chance to those you were reluctant to, or to watch them once more, because trust us! They are worth it. Also, if you want to share your favourites, don’t hesitate to do it. We are always happy to see other’s opinions. Meanwhile…


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