What is Twitter? That question is now redundant. Everyone knows about it, even if they don`t own an account. Most people know it for a microblogging network, where people used to share small bits of their lives. However, much has happened since it`s launching in 2006. Twitter has grown into a humming community, focused more on “What`s going on?”, rather than the mundane “What are you doing?”. Today`s Twitter serves as a source of discovery, focusing on sharing relevant news and engaging in debates. Having long surpassed the status of a social network, Twitter is more of a news source now. With more people joining each day, there`s always something interesting going on and it is no doubt that`s one of the hot spots of the internet.

So what makes it better than the rest? It`s the perfect solution for our attention-deficit world. With Twitter you have only 140 characters worth of space to share what`s on your mind, so you have to rely on your writing skills in order to capture the essence of your thoughts, thus making each tweet a challenge to write and engaging for your followers to read. There are all sorts of reasons why people spend so much time tweeting; they might want attention or to self-promote their business, and a large percent probably wants to chase away some of the boredom of everyday life. But there is also a growing minority with substance, people who share really useful content. And here is where the true value of Twitter surfaces, in providing a stream of concise updates from friends, family and experts all together, empowering each member to become an amateur journalists of life.

Among others, Twitter is a way to see the world through another person`s perspective. So it shouldn`t come as a surprise that many celebrities like using it. Twitter is both personal and fast, and it`s the easiest way to establish a more personal connection with their fans. Their daily updates maintain their close ties with the public, turning tweets into a massive advertising campaign. With over 200 million users, Twitter is the perfect outlet for people to be closer to things they`re interested in, and what`s hotter than the most popular people in the world?

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