3. Barack Obama

Barack ObamaBarack Obama probably first come to international attention when he won the presidential election and became the first African-American president of the United States, but he was already a capable politician even before that. Americans first took notice of him during his speech in the 2004 Democratic National Convention, but before gaining recognition as a senator in Illinois, he practiced and taught civil rights law at the University of Chicago. When it comes to his presidency, he`s best known for his health care reforms and his attempts to change economic crisis and political injustice.

During his reign, Obama has achieved more than most presidents from anywhere on the globe. He saved the United States from another financial meltdown back in 2008, making his country a more secure and popular place in the eyes of the world. He put an end to U.S. involvement in the conflicts from Iraq and Afghanistan by slowly pulling out the troops, no doubt a much awaited decision by the family of the soldiers. However, despite his constant involvement in the well-fare of his people, he`s been slowly losing popularity among people. His withdrawal of troops in Iraq caused the country to sink into chaos and for organizations such as ISIS to be born. Now it is much feared that history will repeat itself in Afghanistan soon.

With his presidential career at its twilight, it is expected that he will face some difficult times in the future, constantly having to defend himself against accusations. Since he cannot run for a third term, the public is unsure what he`ll do next, but taking into consideration his recent appearance Bear Grylls’ new reality show, we can speculate that he might try pursue a career in the entertainment industry. But no matter what happens after he steps down from his position in the White House, Barack Obama will always be remembered as an iconic leader who tried his best to reshape the United States as a country with social justice and equality.

2. Justin Bieber

Justin BieberJustin Bieber. There are few those who`re not familiar with this name. While it looks like there`s a large group of people disliking him, the truth is, there`s an even larger one consisting of millions of teenagers for whom he has become a model to look up to, and whatever his faults might be, at just 18 he has achieved a level of stardom that many people never manage to reach their whole lives. So how was it possible for someone who hadn`t even turned legal to become so famous so fast?

Even before he grew into the level of fame he has today, Justin was already well-known for his singing in his town. It all started with his mother posting videos of him on YouTube which have become unexpectedly popular. He was a young singer covering popular R&B hits, a genre of music that was unheard of for a boy his age. He took a great risk when he decided to go solo instead of singing as part of a band, but it seems like he had made the right call, as soon enough marketing executive Scooter Braun has stumbled upon his videos and made him into the big success that he is now. Under his guidance, Justin performed for and was later on recruited by Usher. While they were working on his debut album, his first single was released, “One Time reaching number 12 on Canadian Hot 100 charts. Having smoothed his way in the music industry, Justin Bieber continued to build momentum, which ultimately lead to his international success.

It seems like he has been keeping a low profile ever since his 2012 album “Believe,” not having released any new tracks of his own. However, fans were be thrilled to hear that he was working on his comeback song. Even if he`s been blowing up the charts all summer with his collaboration hit “Where Are U Now,” nothing can compare to venturing on your own once again. After over a month of waiting, Justin finally released “What Do You Mean?” during the MTV VMAs, delivering a heart-throbbing performance in front of the audience. After the success the song alone represented, next thing on the list is probably to get the video to match, and for that Justin has Xenia Deli to help him out. The pair was seen “getting pretty cozy” together, but it was later on revealed that the outing was only for the video.

1. Katy Perry

Katy PerryOn first place is none other than pop music singing sensation Katy Perry. Born Katheryn Hudson, she started her music career at an early age, releasing her first gospel album, entitled Katy Hudson, in 2001. However, it was not received well by the public, which probably determined Katheryn to move to Los Angeles and pave her own path to success. After a rough 5 years period and 3 record deals fallen apart, Katy finally managed to sign with Capitol and released her first single “Ur So Gay.” But her career truly bloomed later on, with the release of her next single, “I Kissed a Girl.” The immediate success of the song launched her debut album in the international market and turned her into the music award winner that we know today.

So what`s in store for her lately? Since the MTV Music Awards are approaching, it`s not hard to imagine why more and more celebrities are gathering in New York City. Katy Perry also didn`t miss on the opportunity to get together with the BFF Rihanna. The two singers have been spotted having a girl`s night out at New York`s trendiest nightclubs, OPUS 51. While it`s uncertain whether either one of them will be attending the show, fans are restless to find out what Miley Cyrus has planned for Video Of The Year nominee, Taylor Swift.

More than just Taylor`s fans are waiting to see what will happen next. Ever since the feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift made the headlines in 2014, everyone`s probably anxious to see what will happen next. Last year, Taylor admitted during an interview that her diss track “Bad Blood” was aimed at Katy, revelation that sparked an instant response from the songstress, who ended up fueling the rumors even more. Due to their close friendship, there has been talk of a collaborative diss track against Taylor between Rihanna and Katy, but neither one of them has confirmed the existence of such thing. However, despite the gossip, Taylor doesn`t seem concerned by the news.

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