6. Lucy Clarkson

Lucy ClarksonIt all began with Lucy Clarkson’s father who first saw the potential in his daughter. “You’d make a great Lara Croft” her father said, as Lucy Clarkson took yet another media appearance as the world number one cyber hottie. A year later it was the turn of Eidos Interactive to recognize that the model from Yorkshire Rotherham had the requisite attitude, looks and – let’s face it – physical dimensions to fill the star of the series Tomb Raider “famous boots”.

Lucy, of course, was delighted, because she also became an instant cover girl, something not easy to achieve for models. The image of Lara Croft is admired all over the world no matter the occasion or place. Leaving all the skills and talent aside, what made Lucy Clarkson a good Lara Croft, was, let’s admit it her natural curves, something that is rare in the world of modelling where the models are usually very thin.

– Birthplace: Rotherham , UK.

– Date of birth: July 6, 1983 .

– Height: 1.80 m.

– Weight: 64 kg .

Lucy_Clarkson_2Lucy was even criticized by other models and professionals in the business for her body shape, “I was in South Africa on a modelling job and they told me to lose weight. I could not believe that I was on my way home. And that’s when I got the call telling me that I was the new Lara. It was these new fantastic. It is a high-level task and one of the few that allows you to keep your breasts and buttocks.” Lucy stated.

Lucy Clarkson’s mother played a role in her career too, she was the first to sing her in a modelling contest That Elite Model Agency hosted for a toothpaste and a newspaper commercial. With no experience in the game she was one of twelve winners from a total of 16000 candidates.

Little by little she got noticed and did not take long for offers to pour in, fact that made Lucy a favourite of famous British designer Vivienne Westwood. Her sexy curves also gave her to opportunity to pose for lingerie and swimwear photo shoots, which later became Lucy’s favourite line of work, preferring it over fashion work saying that “They pay the best money!”

Lucky Clarkson said that the best perks of modelling are money and travel, and the not-so-good parts of it? “No doubt, other models. They can be unbelievably bitchy. All the time I work, I made friends with two of them. Generally, I prefer the men”.

That being said on male model managed to marry Lucy and they are living together now. “He’s obsessed with games and loves Lara. Well, now he has a Lara of his own!”

5. Lara Weller

Lara WellerIt has become almost a tradition at the annual show E³, the world appointment for video games, Eidos has a new actress. Here is raw 1999 Lara Weller! London – May 5, 1999 – , Eidos Interactive announced the new model to represent the Tomb Raider star Lara Croft, 24, Lara Weller.

Weller, a professional model, is 5 ‘8 “, measures to 34c-24-34 and naturally brown hair and brown eyes. Weller replaces former Lara Croft model Nell McAndrew, who is moving to newer things (like a Playboy Centerfold). With four years of experience as a model of lingerie and swimwear, plus interest in sports, travel and adventure, Weller is a perfect body double for the universally famous video game star, Lara Croft, who played in three games so far, Tomb Raider I-III Well, almost perfect-body double –. it seems to be a little lighter in the shirt, if you know what we mean.

– Birthplace: Rotterdam (Netherlands)

– Date of birth: April 6, 1975

– Height: 1m73

– Weight: 63 kg

An actor can take on all kinds of rotten contracts, but worse, according to FHM magazine is having to play as a character from the video game industry.

But to embody a pixel character was the springboard for some well-placed ladies. There was Rhona Mitra, presenter of Pepsi Chart Show and female lead in the fresco Hollywood Beowulf. There was then Nell McAndrew, star of FHM calendar for 2000, which makes it a Knockout.

This is all the evil that wishes to model Lara Weller, 24, who will don turquoise top and leather shorts to promote what promises to be the last exit of Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation.

4. Nell McAndrew

Nell McAndrewNell McAndrew (Tracey Jane McAndrew born in 1973) is a British supermodel, known for having embodied of the Lara Croft character for promoting the Tomb Raider video in game 1998-1999. Nell McAndrew began a modeling career in the mid-1990s. From 1998 to 1999, follows the actress Rhona Mitra to embody the character of Lara Croft, heroine of the Tomb Raider video game (on the occasion of the release of the third installment in the series) and in photo shoots video game lounges. She turns an Australian advertising as Lara Croft for Lucozade energy drink. It is licensed by Eidos Interactive (the video games publisher) after the cover of US magazine Playboy boutique, which explicitly mentions the Tomb Raider universe and the character of Lara Croft.

– Birthplace: Leeds (United Kingdom)

– Date of birth: November 6, 1973

– Height: 1.80m

– Weight: 64 kg

Nell McAndrew

Subsequently, Nell McAndrew has appeared in many magazines such as FHM, Maxim, Loaded, and as a glamor model in a few calendars. She also appeared on British television as presenter on many TV programs such as Born to Fight and The Big Breakfast. In 2002, she released a fitness video that knows some success, Nell McAndrew: Peak Energy, followed by Nell McAndrew: Maximum Impact in 2003 and Nell McAndrew: Ultimate Challenge in 2004. She also participated in 2002 in the British reality show I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!.

Nell McAndrew is also known to have participated in numerous charities by regularly participating in marathons.

“Another offer meant dressing as Lara Croft to bring the Tomb Raider video games to life, which took me to the huge computer exhibitions in America and around the world to meet the fans and sign autographs” she stated.

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