10. Ellen Roche

Ellen RocheIn 2000, Greenleaf Company, which distributes Tomb Raider in Brazil, offers Eidos a local model to represent Lara Croft officially in Brazil. Ellen is an actress and model. She started her career on Sunday TV program “Qual It is música?” (“What is music?”) alongisde Silvio Santos on SBT, a Brazilian channel. She also had some acting parts in some chapters of the program Zorra Total. Mainly appreciated for her physical looks, especially her hips and ass, it would gain national exposure again when she joined the cast of a reality show based on the Dutch Big Brother, called Casa dos Artistas, in which famous people (“B” rank celebrities Instead of the usual anonymity of participants) were placed together in a house, then gradually rejected.
– Date of birth: July 19, 1979.

– Place of Birth: Sao Paulo, Brazil.

– Height: 1,59m.

– Ethnicity: Latin.

Ellen Roche was on the Dream Girl Cam for Venice Website and has played the Brazilian version of Lara Croft, Tomb Raider to promote the movie in Brazil. In 2001, she participated in the reality show Casa dos Artistas 2 getting the second place earning 100,000 reais. In an interview she said she did not expect to stay so long, waiting out in the first weeks and celebrated have been in the final.

In November 2001 she posed nude for the Brazilian edition of Playboy magazine. In 2002 she was elected by vote the sexiest woman in the world, election organized by VIP magazine. In 2006, she was second in the list, losing to the actress Juliana Paes. In June 2007 and subsequently in February 2011 posed again for the cover of VIP magazine.

In 2011, made a cameo in Foolish Heart, playing Ingrid Matos, and also participated in the remake of The Astro in which she played Valeria. In 2013, she played Brunetty the Mangaba woman in soap opera Good Blood.

9. Jill de Jong

Jill de JongPresented to the public in March 20, 2002, Jill had chained reports for the promotion of Angel of DarknessJill de Jong (born February 17 1982) is a Dutch model. On March 21, 2002, she was chosen by Eidos Interactive as Lara Croft model for the character of the Tomb Raider series.

She began her career as a model at the age of fifteen years after winning a modeling contest in the Netherlands. Over the past eight years, she has become a respected and successful top model, pulling the TV and countryside character for big brand names like Ralph Lauren, Escada, Redken, Izod, St. Yves, Fa shower gel and L ‘Oreal in Europe and the United States. Jill lives and works in the United States and developed her career to become an actress.

– Birthplace: Hoogeveen (Netherlands)

– Date of birth: 17 February 1982

– Height: 1.80m

– Weight: 64 kg

Like Lara Croft, Jill loves adventure, sports, and beating men at their own gameBefore becoming a model I used to play football;. It’s one of the things I miss most when I travel. If given the opportunity, nobody can stop me. I recently asked the boys from Paris if I could join them and they laughed at me. After 15 minutes of play, that saw for themselves, they were not laughing anymore!”

Jill career includes hair care L’Oreal campaign in Europe last year. She was able to visit some of the most beautiful places in the world including Cuba, Bahamas, Morocco, Jamaica and Cape Town, not to mention Paris, New York, Miami and Barcelona. “Like Lara I love traveling but my favorite place in the world, the one where my family is. I can visit the most beautiful sites in the world, but this is nothing compared to the time spent with my family.”

8. Alison Carroll

Alison CarrollAlison Carroll, a gymnast born in Croydon (United Kingdom) was selected from among hundreds of candidates to embody the role of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider Underworld promotion in 2008. She was born in the city of London Croydon in England. For 12 years she was a professional display gymnast, and represented Great Britain. She was also a coach in gymnastics for children, choreographing junior winning the British National Gymnastics Championships.

– Birthplace: London.

– Year of birth: 1985.

Since 2007 she has been a registered model, represented by MCS. In August 2008 she was announced as the new Lara Croft model for the latest game, Tomb Raider: Underworld. While working as a receptionist at a golf club. Carroll replaced Karima Adebibe, which withdrew from most roles at the beginning of the year. It is the first Lara Croft model with gymnastic skills.

“This is a fantastic opportunity and I look forward to really embrace the world of Lara. I can not believe they chose me to take the role of Lara – and I cannot wait to get stuck into it. This is my dream job – I’ve always wanted to be an action-hero and and hope to use my gymnastic ability to perform as Lara does. It is slightly daunting but I am really excited at the same time.”

With her enormous athletic ability, dance training and striking looks we feel Alison embodies all the assets required to be the phase model of Lara Croft, and we really look forward to seeing more from her.

7. Karima Adebibe

Karima AdebibeKarima Adebibe was presented February 14, 2006 to the public. This young British model of Moroccan origin is the seventh official Lara Croft. The new sensation of rising Karima Adebibe as an actress and model who was born in East London in 1985, her father is Moroccan and her mother is Irish. She lived in the homeland of her father, Morocco until she was 7, then they returned in Bethnal Green in London, where she still lives.

Karima is the new Lara Croft model for the release of the new video game Tomb Raider: Legend.

“This is an incredible opportunity for me and one I intend to grab with both hands”, she said. “It’s a huge challenge to follow in the footsteps of people like Nell McAndrew and Angelina Jolie, but life is all about challenges and this is perhaps the most important for a model and an actress.

Karima was relatively unknown to become the flesh and bones of a version of the heroine of the video game. The 20-year-old British hottie was the seventh model to spoof the identity Lara Croft in Tomb Raider’s successful video game series. Karima Adebibe grew up with a hope of being in front of the camera, but until the Tomb Raider offer she never had big contracts, except for a minor part in AVP: Alien vs. Predator, and she actually thought about quitting modeling. But this opportunity arose, when she heard that the creators of the video game Tomb Raider, Eidos Interactive, were in search of a new model to describe the world’s most popular female action-hero Lara Croft.

– Born : 1986

– Location: Bethnal Green, London

– Height: 175 cm

– Weight: 60 kg

Karima AdebibeThis time Top Shop sales probably will not replace Jolie in the next Tomb Raider movie, opposed to what might have been said at the time, however Karima Adebibe has all the potential there is because Tomb Raider fans forget all about Jolie. “I was always very athletic, but I had to step it up because the outfit is very … unforgiving. The shorts are very short, and the latex is very tight,” said Karima. Not always easy to portray video game pixels to real life!

This lady is as tough as you can see which is required for a video game heroine. Karima’s Lara identifies as “the epitome of British class, beauty and strength – it is an independent and ambitious female version of Indiana Jones. Lara was created to fill the ultimate fantasy character for both men and women. Karima Adebibe has much in common with Lara herself. They both love to travel, and having adventures and sporting activities.” I also compare myself to Lara and with my sense of humor, I think we wanted to give our men a highlight!

When it was officially announced that Karima Adebibe was going to be the new model of Tomb Raider, it was the celebrated of the night. Before February 14th there were only 236 web-search results for their name to Google, but two days later, after the announcement, there were 16,300 visits.

For the next two years, Karima will advertise the installation of the Tomb Raider video game frankness with tours around the world. She is currently also going through a training program in Eastern Europe. “I had to make the SAS training, combat training, diction courses, conduct, rules of conduct, media lessons, and I still have the firearms training,” said Karima. “And I have to get my motorcycle license. I actually already started my motorcycle lessons, but they missed me because I hit a wall.”

Undoubtedly, you will encounter more of this English self-confident lady in the future and probably not only by the video game industry!

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