Did it ever happen to you to feel so tired, but restless at the same time? The only thing you want to do is get home and sit on the couch, watch some of your favourite movies or shows but as soon as you lay down you just can`t find a comfortable position! Simply ask yourself, when was the last time you did something really relaxing.

Sure, you can say something like “just last evening I watched a couple of episodes form this or that”, but how relaxing was it? TV is great, especially if you`re watching something you enjoy but that`s not the best choice. If the movie is bad, you`ll just be nervous about it finishing sooner so you can move on and in the best case scenarios a good movie makes you tense with expectance of the climax of the action. What is relaxing in this scenario?

A Match Made In Heaven

From time to time, we should return to the basics. What you need is something that will keep you focused on only one thing, and what can do that better than a good book? Why books? For starters it keeps both your hands busy. That way you can put all your attention into one place. When your hands are free, you get distracted easily.

You need to keep it busy so what do you do? Let`s browse Facebook or play a game. You won`t be able to pay attention to either activity and at the end you realize you didn`t accomplish anything and that can only lead to more stress. Now, when you find yourself a really interesting book, you`ll be so absorbed with it that you won`t even bother to think what the rest of your body is doing.

While your mind is busy putting all the information from the book together and try guess what will happen next, the rest of you can just sink into that couch and relax. You might remember that I mentioned a match. It didn`t mean you and the book. So that you don`t get lonely, you should also bring a drink along, for times when you get so tired of traveling through the pages.

Pros and Cons

Naturally, we`ll start with advantages. Other than being an easy way to relax, it`s a very good medicine against boredom. Books are fun for the sole reason that they make us explore entirely different worlds than ours. You can be whoever you want and do whatever you want, exploring secret places and climbing mountains, and while all of that happens, you didn`t have to move from your comfortable spot on the couch. You can indulge into any fantasy you.

On the other hand, nothing is without fault. Sometimes you might come across a book that just isn`t your type. You can try go through hell to finish or just drop it and move on, never looking back. However, when we do find something we enjoy, the only disadvantage is that you`ll want to read just a few pages before bed time, and next you know, it`s 3 AM. This is commonly known as the “just one more chapter” phenomenon.

In a more restrain analysis, a possible disadvantage of this top is that they`re mainly part of the romance genre. Now, I know you might consider them boring just because of that, but those books don`t contain just a story of everlasting love – that has become too boring since we know happy endings don`t work that way. They have been spiced up specifically to get your imagination working. Each of the following books will take you on a journey into another time, giving you a look of how love worked along the centuries. Give them a try and I’m almost certain you will not regret it!

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