Top 10 Worst Movies of 2014

posted by Edgar Stailinishtit

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Top 10 Worst Movies of 2014
1. The Legend of Hercules
2. Transformers: Age of Extinction
3. Ouija
4. Devil’s Due
5. Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones
6. Transcendence
7. Tammy
8. I, Frankenstein
9. Annabelle
10. Brick Mansion

We all heard and read from all kinds of different sources from the Golden Globes to the Oscars about the best movies from all categories and genres of the year 2014. But what about the worst?

We, the staff of 6Toplists, have compiled a list with the worst movies of the precedent year. From cringe worthy, to so bad it’s laughable; we took them all together and created: “The Top 10 Worst Movies of 2014”.

This list contains the worst of the worst of films created in The Year of Our Lord Two-Thousand-and-Fourteen. From recently deceased race car/ action actors and giants of Hollywood to scripts so bad and directors with so much “fail” that one may be considering if they are film projects for middle school, we bring you the flops of previous year.

This top 10 list could be viewed as a cautionary tale for not watching these specific movies or even if you saw a few of them, to be wary of the rest of the films.

Of course, this is a very subjective review on our part of the staff and I’m sure there are others with different top worst movies of 2014 but ours is “special” not because we critically analyze the movies and arrive at a logical and calculated reason why a movie is bad, but because we really hated it from our bottoms of our hearts. We hope you take your reading with a grain of salt.