There might not be a person with access to the internet that doesn’t what Facebook is. The things that not all people know are that the founder of this socialization platform is a young man, called Mark Zuckerberg, who built it, back in 2004. It was first meant as an internal platform for Harvard University, where Zuckerberg was enrolled as a student and is now counting more than over 1 billion members.

It started with a budget of only $19.000, provided by a company called Saverin, and is now worth more than $250 billion. It was first used to help companies like Apple and Microsoft, but there were also talks about Yahoo joining the group at a certain point.

People nowadays spend more than a lot on Facebook, more than on almost any other online platform, a thing that is not only bad, but also good from other points of view. There are certain aspects that represent an advantage for some people, especially for those ones working in the advertising sector. We are not talking only about selling products, but for any kind of advertising.

News companies use Facebook to make new things circulate faster and make their page more popular in order to increase the audience, companies come with all sort of promotions that win you something for free if you “Like&Share” a picture/video/status and examples can go on. Among all of these, there are some pages more popular than others, either of famous people, either famous brands and so on. Here are the ones that occupy the first positions in the Top 10 Biggest Facebook Pages.

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