3. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano RonaldoBorn on 5 February 1985, Cristiano Ronaldo is already a page of history in sport. He won almost everything he could with the team and individually, the paparazzi not letting him breathe at all. But there were moments in life when Real’s player, although he changed the world of football, remained in the background in relation to Portugal and his personal life, with its amorous escapades or arrogant attitude to the opposition. His well-known name, Ronaldo, which is known worldwide, was given by his father, in honor of Ronald Reagan, the former US president. Only a few people know that Ronaldo was the first Portuguese who played at Manchester United.

He came to “Old Trafford” after a friendly match between Sporting Lisbon and Manchester United , that ended with a 3-1, in which he did what he wanted with the English defence, although he was only 18. It is said that some of the exponential players from Manchester told Ferguson to transfer him to the team so they will not have to meet with him no longer in the position of the opponent. After Ronaldo, Nani and Bebe were the next Portuguese purchases for Manchester United.

Ronaldo won his first trophy, the FA, in 2004, during his very first season playing for Manchester United. The Portuguese even opened the score in the final and won with a 3-0 in front of Millwall, fans finally conquering the “devils”. In 2009, Ronaldo became the first player in the Premier League that won the FIFA World Player trophy, when he defeated Messi and Torres. Also, Ronaldo became the first Portuguese to win the trophy after a gap of eight years (Luis Figo, 2001). Cristiano Ronaldo owns a record hard to beat. On July 6, 2009, he was presented to Real Madrid in a packed stadium. No less than 80.000 spectators came to Santiago Bernabeu, 5.000 more than in 1984, when Maradona was presented at Naples.

Ronaldo has a Facebook fan page that has 106.465.982 likes, with 6.113.791 people talking about it, being the most liked page when it comes to celebrities.

2. Facebook

Facebook Logov1Ranking second on the list, with 165.260.478  people liking the page and 341.553 people talking about it, Facebook is a type of Internet social network website, created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 to provide the opportunity make people get in touch with their loved ones, close ones and strangers as well. Now Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world. Users can enter the network from any location that has internet access, based on a password, initially established when completing the application form containing a series of personal questions. Today Facebook has about 1 billion members worldwide. Acclaimed to be the second global social site after google.com, calculated after the number of visits, it belongs to the so called Web 2.0 phenomenon.
Originally developed at Harvard, USA, Facebook was originally a closed circuit platform meant for the students of this university, later being opened to other American universities. At first, the check in belonging to the university was made using the electronic mail address (e-mail) of the student, but since September 2006 the network was opened to all. Immediately, Facebook become the very most popular, but also controversial social network, being banned in several countries in the Middle East and in Asia.

Facebook Logov2Also, through it, there have been caused and coordinated some of the protest and demonstrations in Moldova and Iran. Here, registered users have the possibility to find friends, and any other users worldwide, not only in the country where it is located. Users can create and edit their profile whenever they want. Public profiles can be blocked by other users, but personal profiles can’t.

According to data provided by the company comScore, Facebook receives most of its visitors from companies such as Google, Microsoft and, to a lesser extent, by Yahoo!. One of the most important and popular features of the social networking type is the possibility of posting photos and videos, as well as updating your status and location. Also users can recreate different online games such as chess and others. During the first nine months of 2010, Facebook recorded a net profit of $355 million with revenues of 1.2 billion dollars.

1. Facebook for Every Phone

Facebook on windows phone

Because Facebook is one of our day-to-day routines, the company decided to create an application that would offer easier access to all of its users, no matter the country, the place or the mobile phone used in order to log in.

With 514.862.161 fans and 333.914 people talking about it, Facebook for Every Phone was first created on 1 August 2011, when the company behind the social network decided that it’s time to help those without a full-featured mobile phone and launched the application called “Facebook for Every Phone”. The app automatically starts to download when the mobile version (m.facebook.com) is launched and Java is running.

Less advanced mobile users can now access their news feed on Facebook, can chat with their friends, see where other people are going or what they are doing, update their status, browse pictures and many others, from absolutely anywhere. Although TechCrunch claims that Facebook will pay even 90 days of Internet traffic consumed by this application, we don’t know yet whether this applies or not.

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