To quote most rock music fans: “Not everyone likes rock. Some people might even hate it, but they would still sing along, of course knowing all the lyrics, with Queen’s We are the champions and We will rock you.” Therefore, it is only a very accurate fact that all that a non-rock music fan needs to be into it, is a good song from a very good band.

Though, unfortunately, the most popular songs usually happen to come from some mainstream performers – talented or not so talented, but appealing enough. Yet, gladly, the best of the rock bands managed to get remarked and to stay forever in our hearts and playlists.

Pour and stir

Having one or more memorable songs sometimes means nothing. Whether they are just summer hits or happen to last forever, people do not usually remember the artists for themselves. So, it takes some magic and good luck to succeedand to stay in the top. Or how the lyrics of a non-rock song said “ten percent luck, twenty percent skill, Fifteen percent concentrated power of will, Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain, And a hundred percent reason to remember the name”. In other words, to become the best rock bands of all time, many people had to struggle. They were rejected, mocked, ignored, insulted, humiliated, had huge financial problems, had their ideas stolen, were used by big corporations and all to climb the stairs up to fame.


Of course, most artists have similar fates, more or less – and it is not just the music industry, but musicians just happen to be more prone to the yin and yang of fame. They put a lot effort and they picked the fruits, though sometimes unripe, just like other musicians, but something still makes them different. A rock band is usually made on the blood and sweat of many years of learning how to play an instrument and having a unique yet unappreciated voice. Their meaningful songs often only touch others who are poets at heart or who just want to riot. They stand out as the rebels, as the trouble makers, as the weirdos, as the outcasts. Yet they are just sensitive people wanting to send a message and to have fun.

And here are ten of the best rock bands of all time, pulled right out of the history books.

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