10. Deerhunter

rock band, deerhunterFrom Atlanta, USA, we have Deerhunter, an indie, noise, garage rock band. Inspired by The Rolling Stones, the band was created at the wish of Bradford Cox and Moses Archuleta, later adding Colin Mee and Justin Bostworth, until his death in 2004.

Currently, the other two band members are guitarist Lockett Pundt and Josh McKay. Deerhunter’s debut album was released in 2005, the angsty “Turn it up faggot”. Seven more albums were subsequently released, the most recent one being from 2015.


Once the video for their new song “Snakeskin” came out in mid-August, Deerhunter announced the upcoming album “Fading Frontier” for October. Inspired by the lead singer’s experience after a car crush which almost cost him his life and left him hopeless for a while, but also by the departure of Frankie Broyles, “Fading Frontier” is a new step and era for Deerhunter. But despite all the changes, one thing is constant – their weirdness keeps being a trade mark in their sound.

9. Titus Andronicus

rock band, Titus AndronicusMaybe a not so well known name, unless you are a Shakespeare fan, Titus Andronicus is an American band formed in 2005. They debuted with the album “the Airing of Grievances” which launched them in a tour across America and Europe.

Their second album “The Monitor” was received well both by critics and fans, Rolling Stones magazine calling them one of the best rock bands of 2010, while the third, “Local Business”, was declared by the same magazine one of the best albums of 2012. The band members are vocalist Patrick Sticles, drummer Eric Harm, bassist Julian Veronesi, guitarist Adam reich, guitarist Jonah Maurer and pianist Elio DeLuca.


On 28th of July 2015, Titus Andronicus released their fourth album, “the Most Lamentable Tragedy”. With 29 songs divided in 5 arcs, the album takes the form of a rock opera, which was generally viewed favourably and received good scores.

About the themes of the new album, the lead singer declared that it is “complicated metaphor about manic depression, melding elements of philosophy, psychology, and science fiction through the plight of one troubled protagonist’s inner demons.

8. Royal Blood

Royal Blood rock bandA rather new name on the rock music stage, Royal Blood is only a 2 year old English band made out of bassist and singer Mike Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher. In November 2013, Royal Blood released its first single, “Out of the black” and soon they were nominated for BBC Best Sound of 2013.

With the more famous band Arctic Monkeys supporting them even before getting their first single out, Royal Blood started performing in gigs in 2014 alongside them. With their fame rising quicker than the sun, Royal Blood soon became very popular among the younger generation and started an European tour.


2015 was a big busy year for this rock duo. They won Best British Group Award at BRIT Awards, Kerrang! Best British Newcomer and Best Live Band at Q Awards, they performed at the famous Coachella festival and toured along with Foo Fighters. At the end of August, Royal Blood announced and performed their latest single, “Hook, Line & Sinker”, while in October they finally ended their tour and announced that after some time off, they will go back to work for their second album. Big plans for a soon to be big band.

7. Marilyn Manson

rock band, Marilyn MansonOne of the wickedest artists in the rock industry, Brian Hugh Warner, better known as Marilyn Manson, started his activity in his eponymous band back in 1989.

Influenced by Alice Cooper, The Doors, Black Sabbath, kiss, but also Davis Bowie, the band made itself remarked, not only through Manson’s grotesque, hoarse and rough voice, scary appearance and unusual live performances, but also through their meaningful dark lyric and disturbing artistic videos.

The current members are the omni present Marilyn Manson, bassist Twiggy Ramirez, drummer Gil Sharone, guitarist Paul Wiley and Daniel Fox.


2015 meant the return of Marilyn Manson with “The Pale Emperor”, their ninth album. The work on this album started in 2013 and it is dedicated to Manson’s mother, Barbara Warner, due to her decease following a long battle with Alzheimer and dementia.

The album contains influences from blues and is in fact departing from the band’s old famous style, featuring a more country and hard rock style.

Marilyn declared that “Lyrically, the album deals with subjects ranging from mortality, war, violence, slavery and religion, as well as containing references to Greek mythology and German folklore, specifically the story of Faust and Mephistopheles”.

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