Artificial intelligence or AI is a common theme of science fiction. Science fiction can sometimes emphasize on the dangers of artificial intelligence, and sometimes on its positive potential. However, in our top 10 list we shall be looking more on the perils and down falls rather good side of AI technology.

AI Categories

The general discussion of using artificial intelligence as a topic in science fiction and film tends towards three categories: Artificial Intelligence domination, Human domination or Sentient AI.

The only film in which the world has found a somewhat of balance between Artificial Intelligence and humans is the Japanese animated movie “Ghost in the Shell” and I say somewhat because humanity still makes the big decisions.

We have omitted film like the “Matrix” because “the machines” are more of a hive mind, rather than a single A.I., and also skipped “The Terminator” because we have covered all there is on “Skynet” in one of our previous articles. We hope you enjoy our list and we wish you a pleasant viewing of our selected films.

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