Since summer is coming in a hurry, we mostly picked frappucinos for our list to give you lots of reasons to try these indulging drinks you can choose and select your favorite for this season. The Oreo Frappuccino is a delicious beverage that anyone with a sweet-tooth will love. That is of course you also like Oreos, in which case this drink will be pure enjoyment.

Secret recipe Oreo Frapuccino, Starbucks

The Oreo Frappuccino is another secret recipe from the Starbucks menu, so you will probably will have to explain to the barista the ingredients and how it’s made if he or she doesn’t know.

The amount of chocolate might seem too much to some, therefor you can ask for less Chocolate chips or no mocha syrup, although the classic way to do it is with the mocha syrup.

The cream base that the frappuccino contains is simply mind-blowing but the amount of sweetness can be maneuvered by the additional mocha syrup. And if you really want to make it big, add Vanilla bean powder and chocolate chips on top. This drinkable Oreo treat is a beverage that has to be tried at least once.

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