Who doesn’t love a good Apocalyptic/ Post-Apocalyptic movie? A world in which the rules of man amount to nothing. Only those who are strong and brave rule the land. Or maybe a world in which man no longer walks the earth, because they have fled or even worse, have been replaced by machines.

Possible Futures

These are the possible worlds which may befall mankind in the near future, but honestly we hope it is the distant future, because we humans rarely appreciate the good life and the luxuries the world offers us until we have lost them. We wonder which one of the following scenarios will befall man.

Which one of the possible futures shall come true? Maybe a lab engineered disease? Maybe a war that will result in a nuclear Holocaust? Or perhaps we shall be outsmarted by another close ape-like relative of ours. Who knows… only time can tell. We hope that, while enjoy our top 10 Apocalyptic movies, that you shall take a few moments to ponder on the possibilities of mankind’s demise.

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