3rd: I Am Legend

Will Smith shocked the heck out of us by taking a role that would seem to be an eye-roller, but turned out to be a heart-pounding burst of energy of a movie.


“I Am Legend” is not only emotionally powerful causing tears to roll down your cheeks, but a lonely adventure of one man’s incredible and desolate situation. Years after a plague kills most of humanity and transforms the rest into monsters, Will Smith in New York City struggles valiantly to find a cure while struggling to survive from the infected creatures that come out at night. With his only companion being a magnificent German Shepherd, we see the stress and isolation way down on this brave characters.

Movie blockbusterPost apocalyptic movie, I am legend

Director Francis Lawrence plays with you mentally as he adds super-cool action sequences and provokes your mind with unpredictable flashes of terror and peril. Through gripping and terrifying chase scenes that feel authentic, and stunning cinematography and editing, “I Am Legend” proves sci-fi can have meaning and can hurt like a kick in the face.

Will Smith gives a dynamite performance that shows the soul of a man. The flashbacks are relevant and emotional, the production design is jaw-dropping… there really isn’t a bad thing to say about this blockbuster.

2nd: Mad Max 2

Arguably the most influential of all things post-apocalyptic, Mad Max 2 (also known as The Road Warrior) presents a remarkable improvement over Mad Max in all filmmaking aspects for it is bigger, better, more violent & action-packed than its predecessor & is the instalment that made the character of Max a truly immortal figure in the annals of cinema.

The Story

Set in a dystopian future in the wastelands of Australia, Mad Max 2 continues the journey of Max Rockatansky; a former policeman who’s now a drifter scavenging for food, drink & gas in the desolate deserts of the post-apocalyptic world. Things are set in motion when he agrees to help a small gasoline-rich community escape the desert from the vicious gang of marauders.

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, mel gibsonCo-written & directed by George Miller, Mad Max 2 begins with a montage explaining what all has happened between the first two films. Miller’s direction here exhibits a much greater confidence, the screenplay adds considerable depth to the character of Max, the vision of the depopulated & desolate wasteland is pretty striking & same goes for how the marauders are depicted in this film.

Mel Gibson is brilliant in the role of Max & displays a wider acting range in his performance and although he remains the only character we care about throughout the film, the work by its supporting cast is no slouch & they ably fill in their given roles. Camera-work is energetic & is at its best during the moments of action while Editing provides a vicious pace to the narrative & runs only in top gear.


There’s a lot to admire about this sequel but the best thing about Mad Max 2 remains its absolutely manic action/chase sequences for the stunts it puts up on the screen are some of the most dangerous to have been ever enacted on the film canvas. The final showdown is a masterpiece in itself, and what makes all those moments even more memorable is the absence of any sort of computer graphics.

On an overall scale, Mad Max 2 is an impressive sequel that outdoes the original by a huge margin, is one of the best action-thrillers of the 1980s, is notable for catapulting the careers of both Mel Gibson & George Miller, and is unforgettable for its massive contribution to the post-apocalyptic genre of films. Featuring major upgrades in all aspects, Mad Max 2 is a high-octane, full-throttled & top-gear action extravaganza that comes recommended to all action fanatics out there.

1st: Mad Max

Presenting a fascinating vision of a post-apocalyptic world, introducing Mel Gibson in what is his breakthrough role & having garnered a strong cult following over the years, George Miller’s feature film debut may not look as impressive today as it did back in its days but it still packs in many interesting moments that’ll manage to hold the attention of newcomers.

Amazing Storyline

Set in the wastelands of Australia in a dystopian future, the story of Mad Max concerns Max Rockatansky; a policeman who tries to keep law n order intact in a society that’s already on the verge of a breakdown. The plot chronicles his vengeful journey as Max attempts to find & execute all the members of an outlaw biker gang who took away everything he once held precious.

Mad Max, Post apocalyptic movieCo-written & directed by George Miller, Mad Max is the first in a series of films that went on to change the landscape of post-apocalyptic genre. Shot on a shoestring budget which is clearly reflected in its now-dated visual encapsulation, the movie opens with a thrilling chase sequence & throughout its runtime, puts up some really daring action stunts one doesn’t get to see everyday.

The portrait of an unrest society continuously terrorised by motorcycle gangs is noteworthy plus the relatively unknown actors do bring a sense of authenticity to the whole premise, including the biker gang comprising of overacting maniacs, but Miller somehow manages to make it all work & paces the storyline amazingly well. And while Mel Gibson‘s performance isn’t ripe, his screen presence just works.


On an overall scale, Mad Max is a cleverly envisioned, expertly crafted, brilliantly directed & superbly paced example of its genre that’s brutal, violent & crazy. It didn’t really live up to my expectations for I was looking for something more astonishing regarding its legacy yet what George Miller manages to accomplish here with such a modest budget is worthy of all the admiration anyway. Worth a watch, at least once.

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