Today Angelina Jolie is recognized by the industry as an accomplished actress. Nevertheless, everything was not always rosy for the actress. Her Hollywood debut was difficult. First chaining budget films such as Glass Shadow and Hackers, it was not until 1997 and the movie of George Wallace that finally, the actress was taken seriously!

Since she accumulates successful films. The American actress is also an ambassador for humanitarian causes. She becomes sensitive to humanitarian crises in the world while filming Tomb Raider in Cambodia.

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Since then she accumulated a range of successful films. The American actress is also an ambassador for humanitarian causes. She becomes sensitive to humanitarian crises in the world while filming Tomb Raider in Cambodia.

Angelina Jolie is a revered actress, roles in Hollywood and achievements led her to fame. The couple she formed with Brad Pitt since 2005 is one of the most legendary in film history. She is also a woman committed to evidence his post at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

She even wants to curb his appearances in films to concentrate a little more on her humanitarian commitment and to lecture at the London School of Economics. How about a career in politics? Nothing can stop the star, Angelina Jolie.

But in everyday life, it was very difficult for the legendary couple to find time. Each had their own projects. Angelina continues cinema, but mainly engages increasingly in her humanitarian fightings and begins this autumn to lecture at the London School of Economics.

On the other hand, Brad Pitt worked a lot on the movie “World War Z” and also promoted “Allies”, a film starring Marion Cotillard. But above all this, the couple raises 6 children. Angelina and Brad are the proud parents of Maddox, Pax, Sahara, Shiloh, and the twins Knox and Vivienne, so they formed quite a big family.

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If Brad produces his films, Angie realizes hers. They chose their own projects. Everything is explained if we look at Angie’s busy agenda. She is also a full-time mother who wants to care for her six children while dealing with her chronic weight problems…

The successful actress also became a talented director. Her feature film “Unbroken” was a biography and drama movie which got nominated for an Oscar and received 14 wins and 26 nominations so far.

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Thanks to her, the first installment of the adventures of “Maleficent” was one of the biggest hits of 2014 with more than $ 760 million in revenue. A second installment is expected in 2017. A return to the big screen as the expected messiah.

Let’s now investigate the top six movies of Angelina:

6. The Changeling (2008)

Inspired by true events that took place in 1928 in Los Angeles, The Changeling tells the story of a mother played by Angelina Jolie, whose son is kidnapped and who is facing the corruption of city officials.

The film also deals with the powerlessness of women and violence against children. In The Changeling, Jolie was nominated four times, including a nomination in the Oscar category of Best Actress.

5. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)

In this film Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) is an adventurer who inherits a mysterious magical clock from his father, an archaeologist. This could be the clock sought by a secret organization, the Illuminati and contain an artifact that could have a fabulous power to control time and space. For Angelina Jolie, this film marks a transition to a new kind of movie: action movies.

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4. Bone Collector (1999)

In Bone Collector, Angelina Jolie co-starred with Denzel Washington (check out his IMDB). Dr. Lincoln (Denzel Washington), a brilliant forensic expert, has an uncommon intelligence.

He suffers from paralysis. Inspector Amelia Donaghy (Angelina Jolie), a young rookie is serving him. Together, they begin a race against time to try to end the actions of a serial killer.

3. Mr. And Mrs. Smith (2005)

Mr and Mrs Smith are a quite corny couple. However, Mr Smith is an executor of a secret organization and the killer Mrs Smith pledge to sell his services to the highest bidder. Ignoring all the activities of their dear and tender they will nevertheless find themselves in competition for the same contract.

This film was the subject of much debate around the relationship between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie because there was obviously a spark between them. Brad Pitt broke up with Jennifer Aniston shortly after the end of filming and started a relationship with Angelina Jolie.

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2. Girl, Interrupted (1999)

The film tells the 18-month stay of a young woman in a psychiatric institute. During his stay at the psychiatric hospital in New Angleterre, Susanna Kaysen (Winona Ryder) befriends with other young women, Lisa (Angelina Jolie) strong character, who suggested her not to take the medication.

The two women develop an escape attempt that will go wrong. Lisa for her role, Jolie will receive the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, the Screen Actors Guild Awards for Best Actress in a Supporting Role and the Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

For more facts about the movie, read this Wikipedia article!

1. Salt (2010)

Salt went through an extremely rough process, even though we know, that there are difficulties in every movie. Originally Tom Cruise would have played the leading role, but meanwhile, he left behind the shooting and the screenplay underwent a serious improvement.

However, Angelina Jolie did not leave it at that, and the movie brought a 300 million dollars gross worldwide, proving that the audiences affirm Jolie’s capabilities to play a tough spy.

Movie Talk’s Jason Best wrote that “Casting a lithe Jolie as the film’s protagonist stops Salt from being a Bourne knock-off or a Mission: Impossible reboot and gives the tired espionage genre a novel twist.”

Thank you for reading our article about the top six movies of this phenomenal beauty. Do not hesitate to read our next writing about the top six movies of Brad Pitt, her ex-husband.

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