One of the most brilliant shows in the late 1980 with plenty of plane covered with banality resources in which you come to find an usual family in America as the main source of inspiration in which Matt Groening take the time only in his awaiting in the lobby of his producer, having the pressure as a friend in his creation of the brilliant cartoon.

I’d may say that pressure is one of the most precious fuels in life that can bring you up in doing extraordinary things you normally wouldn’t find yourself able to.

best the simpsons charactersThe 1st season of The Simpsons is hardly a good arouser for the typical American family in which we find a bad film, talking in the aesthetical area with plenty of ridiculous jokes that makes us wanna see more of that junk in which we never seem to find the logical path in the explanation of the actions, keeping us in suspense like all the movie, expecting at every corner to all turn bad in the next second.

Bathing in a sea of choices that are not in the logical area of instruments we seem to find a cartoon that has a happy ending, making us satisfied that we did something constructive that day and yet cause us problems from time to time in which we live the episode mouth open, awaiting for some stupid-ass resolve in which we have no implication but feel like we do.

Season 2 is a little better than the previous, but keeping that ridiculous boring intro till the season 21, what the fuck 20th Century Fox?! making us feel that nothing has changed in the last year, nothing bad, being the most appreciated by the middle-class family, the majority in every society in which we find our purpose to grasp some air from the surface like the big boys. And this series makes us feel good about that as well, figure that out…

The other seasons around till 20 don’t seem to find nothing original in their introducing stage but find all sorts of situations that could happen to a stagnant family like theirs in which they pour out all their frustrations over the society in their lack of trust over the human being. They are all right in that part, who would trust an all welcoming friend like Ned Flanders and all above that, of who’s you killed his wife and make his life feel miserable. Aand wear a fucking moustache.

Aand starting off with no. 20

20. Ralph Wiggum

best the simpsons charactersAnd off the hook character that is pretty slow minded who eats worms, glue and crayons, often mumbling about shits you can’t understand or asking all sorts of dumb questions.

He is good-hearted well-educated I’d may say by his parents Clancy and Sarah Wiggum. He is usually liked by the other kids and have in exchange of his slow mind an series of aptitudes such tap dancing and bringing an entire audience to tears in his convincing interpretation of George Washington.

19. Duffman

best the simpsons charactersThe mascot and spokesman of the Duff Beer Company. There are many theories that evolved around this character such his religion and his sexual orientation and of course the numerous persons playing this character.

All times ready to do some “Duff Love”, Barry Duffman usually entertains enthusiastically his crowd through numerous schemes, gay-ish schemes I’d may say. Fuck that.

18. Lou&Eddie

best the simpsons charactersTwo of the most important forces in the police’s arsenal, always by the chief’s Wiggum side in any situation there revolve around the small town.

Lou is like Stan and Eddie is clearly Bran, the two are the opposite and in colors as well. The white folk is the dumb one and like the chief they are a little slow-minded when it comes to solve something and racially departed, even though he is dumb it is pointed at some point that Eddie is seeing Lou’s wife for some time.

17. Professor John Frink

best the simpsons charactersEvery town needs a nutty professor like him, always home, always put on inventing something interesting to amaze the folks, he is the nowadays Thomas Edison inventing all sorts of stuff from The Frog exaggerator to hamburger earmuffs and the Intra-Bovine Ice Cream Maker.

Now make sure to check the abbreviation on this, he works in the Springfield Heights Institute of Technology and usually he is seen when in need for a logical solution somehow to an illogical problem that appears now and then. His eyes are eclipsed by his professor-like eye-glasses in which he finds his view radically different from ours.

16. Principal Seymour Skinner

Yea, this character has indeed many faces to show us upon, seemingly carrying for his well-being he also cares about the children somehow in which he lends his forces to help the young ones.

He is strict in his teaching in the Springfield walls cause his mental scarring from the Vietnam War in which he participated having terrifying flashbacks from his bad treatment over there. On the brighter side, ok, a little brighter, he lives with his mom and had a past with Edna Krabappel.

He has very little time for the little unknowing Bart Simpson and has a fear for Superintended Chalmers and apparently the year 1995 was a very good year for him, like a wine, as well having the money to buy himself a 2nd hand Toyota Camry.

15. Hans Moleman

best simspons characters listHis name is pretty predicative, giving us a character that is almost blind from his cataract(mole), wearing all-times eye-glasses.

He has a prune-like appearance, he is quite short due dehydration and apparently has a mental illness saying that he is 31… even though he walks with a fucking cane and the reason he ended up in this state he says he is from drinking, I think his mental problems come from there… anyhow, he is quite unlucky and held up to many jobs during his lifetime of 31 and once had revealed that he slept with Lars Ulrich’s grandma, the drummer of Metallica. Shit sake that’s grouse and still try to lie that you are 31 now…

14. Crusty the Clown

best the simpsons charactersThis character really annoys me in some sort of manner, being ridiculous created as a temper and discussable actions in which he finds our pain as a fuel.

He never did something good in his whole life and somehow resembles nowadays politicians. His main characteristics are cynics, he is a gambling-addicts numerous times actually, making stakes with his life at some point, and he is quite a smoker.

He would be the last persons in real life to host a TV show but in this film it doesn’t really count. However he remains the children in Springfield’s hero despite his incompetence in teaching something good to them. He has also a chimp that’s called Mr. Teeny which is fond of skating and smoking.

13. Kent Brockman

the simpsons charactres listWith a whooping amount of $500.000 earning broadcasting television host/journalist he is the most seen on television, being the host of Channel 6, pointing everything that is wrong with his profession.

A narcissistic character, judgmental (like all journalists) and an odd ritual in which he refuses to read and broadcast until he gets his Danish pastry. What a diva.

Despite all that he is the face of many shows, almost all of them, including Eyes of Springfield, Bite Back! With Kent Brockman and Smartline. While he is taking a break the news anchor Scott Christian is taking his place during the week-end.

12. Apu Nahasapeemapetilion

best the simpsons charactersHeck of a name, who could actually read this shit?… He is quite a smart man having a Ph.D. in Computer Science but despite all that he is working at Kwik-E-Mart, working there since…forever, as well he is the proprietor, buying the store in the meantime.

Even though he was a pretty eligible bachelor in the past, he is now married with Manjula, having with her 8 octuplets. Fuck science. He also is declaring that he is a close friend with Paul McCartney and says that he is the 5th Beetle.

11. Milhouse van Houten

best the simpsons charactersPoor little bastard. He is trying like in every show to get to Lisa’s hearth and never get the grasp on it. He is the only son of Kirk and Luann van Holten and the sidekick of Bart Simpson, being the main target for bullies’ cause of his friendship and being an easy target due his thick eye-glasses.

He is also a naïve, lacking of perspective, confidence and everything that a normal boy needs to be proper working at his age. Despite her likes for Lisa he is questioned for his sexuality beings saw tramp dressing for amusement. He is a fluent Italian speaker and starred in Radioactive Man movie. Also he had more girlfriends than Bart. Go 4 eyes!

10. Lenny Leonard & Carl Carlson

Lenny Leonard Carl CarlsonI think the author had some lack of inspiration when he came up with these names.

They are Homer’s colleagues and best friends they are thought to be gay cause of the fact that they always are seen together and having their wives splitting apart from them, one dying and one becoming a prostitute.

9. Otto Man

best the simpsons charactersAnother retarded name, being a school bus driver over an Otto Diesel engine, see the resemblance? God bless all the nations for bringing up the most artistic names ever. Not.

He is a heavy metal lover, picking it over some girl that he was married in the past, picking it over Becky, cause that was her name. Of course logically he is marijuana, heroin, LSD and probably meth and he was saw once talking to his shoes.

8. Ned Flanders

best the simpsons charactersOh poor fellow. He has the worst treatment of them all in the show, being a some sort of Jehovah’s witnesses lover in which he loves God over the limits and has a predilection for failure in life.

He had his wife killed by Homer and has a left-handed shop, the Leftorium. Even though he is 60 he is in a great shape for any age for that matter and he is the father of Rod and Todd, another brilliant names brought up in the scene by Matt Groening. Also he has a big cock.

7. Comic book guy

best the simpsons charactersThis man, even though he appears in numerous episodes has never revealed his name, a quite odd personage in which we find a sensitive writer at some point.

He is a 45 year old virgin that still lives with his mom. Obese, filthy and social incompetent this character once dated Principal Skinner’s mother. Damn that’s grouse.

6. Sideshow Bob

simpsons characters, Sideshow BobThis one has a more interesting name. He was once the sidekick for Crusty the Clown but now he roams as a criminal mastermind over Springfield.

He was once caught by Lisa and Bart trying to rob Kwik-E-Mart, wanting to frame it to Crusty the Clown, but ended up in jail. As well he tried numerous times to get his hands on them but never succeeded, the Simpsons being always the winner in these situations.

5. Troy McClure

He once was a successful actor in the past but now he is a total failure presenting poor educational films to kids like “Two minus Three Equals negative fun” and “Fire Crackers: the silent Killer”. He is never seen losing his enthusiasm even though his career is a failure.

4. Mayor ‘Diamond’ Joe Quimby

Mayor Joe QuimbyThe mayor, yea, he is like any other mayor I know, womanizing and corrupt. Fuck those guys. He had survived lotsa re-elections or how is done in my country, buy people with rice and flour.

He is mayor since 1986 and is well known for his frauds and bad doings in his career, fathering several kids.

3. Police Chief Clancy Wiggum

This is one of the typical patterned show members being as much as incompetent as Bart, Homer or Eddie.

He is as well quite over-weight as the rest of the previous mentioned and represents everything that’s bad in the police force, receiving open-hearted bribes, being lazy and incompetent and has very little knowledge about the law.

Somehow the men underneath him respect the fatso and treat him like a mentor. Anyhow, he has good intentions and has a flourishing relationship with his son Ralph and wife Sarah.

2. Moe Szyslak

best the simpsons charactersBefore becoming who he is he was a child actor in The Little Rascals, playing Smelly. He is a short-tempered character, suicidal at some points and pretty lonely.

Later on he was a boxing professional, taking the names “Kid Gorgeous”, “Kid Gruesome” or “Kid Moe. After he went to the university at Swigmore, he opened his own bar with expired brews in which almost all the town’s men are coming in for a drink.

1. Charles Montgomery Burns

best the simpsons charactersIt really must be obvious why I put him in the first place, being the energy provider for the entire town, people and jokes about the wrongs that the society provides in this lifetime of ours.

His age isn’t actually known, ranging from 81 to 123, he is a very ill man, having all the diseases you could imagine, but somehow survives during the whole lifetime of this show, in which he was on the verge of dying, finding out that his cruel personality is the one that kept him alive all those years.

He is much feared amongst the Springfield’s community in which most of them are his employees. He has a life-time servant, Waylon Smithers which is believed that he has a crush on him. He is the most gross of them all. Fuck you Matt Groening.

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