The Raid, a new non-stop action film, comes from the most unlikely of sources: Indonesia. But don’t let the country of origin fool you. The Raid is jam packed with some of the best action sequences we’ve seen in years and audiences are sure to get an adrenaline rush.

What ensues over the course of the film is an explosion of bloodletting. The gun battles are more intense than the bank robbery scenes in Hollywood movies, the apartment hallway battles make the scene in “Oldboy” look like a Disney film and the cops are as equipped as the U.S. Marines were against the entire Somalian town in “Black Hawk Down”.

There are sequences filmed in the movie that place you in a cinematic experience where you actually feel like you are watching real men fight for their lives. It’s nothing poetic with back flips and flexible positions but simply “man VS man”, often equipping with anything in the room to kill their opponent. It places you in the middle of it all, seeing the closest things to actual killings. It simply shows you how it really is: it’s fast, real and intense.fight scene movie The raid: Redemption

This movie is incredible with its knife fights and how effective and swift they are in close quarters. The finish blow is always swiftly at the throat but that doesn’t happen before 2 to 3 lightning touches to the chest or arms to disable an opponent or render them shocked in pain.

The background story is about a SWAT team trying to bring a ruthless and untouchable crime lord to justice. However this film is only focusing on a specific event in that story: THE RAID part, that turns into a brutal and bloody survival game. It’s become a final match or showdown between good and bad guys.

What really separates this picture from the hordes of martial arts films from the region is its heavy use of Silat, the native martial art of Indonesia. The key thing about Silat is that it involves knives, lots of ’em, and the film’s heroes and villains deploy them with extreme prejudice for almost the entire duration.

This film is a disciple of the Asian extreme action genre, with over-the-top karate and acrobatics mixed with guns and violence.




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