Donnie Yen returns as the titular kung fu grandmaster in “Ip Man 2”, with Wilson Yip reassuming his directorial duties and, most importantly, Sammo Hung back in his role as action director, and also as a main character.

Any scene in the film featuring Sammo Hung is gold. In fact, the sole reason to see” Ip Man 2” is for Hung’s match with Donnie Yen. If you’ve seen “S.P.L.: Killzone”, then you already have an idea of how epic a match between these two can be. After viewing “Ip Man 2”, the Sammo Hung/Donnie Yen match will be the thing viewers remember most and for good reason.martial art movie Ip man 2 scene

Ip Man is attempting to teach Wing Chun in Hong Kong where he has to deal with defeating all of the masters in the area if he wishes to teach kung-fu there. On top of that, Yip Man has to deal with a champion western boxer who doesn’t respect Chinese boxing. The struggle to show the world that Wing Chun is a respectable martial art seems to take a back seat to less important plot points, which makes the sequel feel weaker than its counterpart.

Ever since “Ip Man” started making waves across Asia, a continuation/sequel was inevitable. People wanted more out of Donnie Yen and Wilson Yip. They wanted more of the same: martial-arts action-laden sequences carefully woven around an old-fashioned moral lesson about martial arts. And that is exactly what Yen, Yip and company have made here: a sequel which is surprisingly as solid as the first.

Overall, Ip Man’s series has been a very inspirational trip for us. We grew up with Bruce Lee and from the direction of the director, we see where the movie is going to, whether it’s historic or not.


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