Steven is the first pole dancer to take home the title of Male American Pole Fitness Champion in 2010. His originality and dance technique are the traits that set him apart from the rest in the Pole Dancing Community.

Steven has extended knowledge about various forms of dance, such as classical ballet, modern dance, hip hop, burlesque, jazz and last but not least pole fitness. Steven combines everything he knows when he’s on the pole, dancing to his heart’s content.

Pole dancer Steven Retchless

Steven is a known contestant for America’s Got Talent Season Six in 2011. He astounded the jury and the whole audience with his performance, while wearing high heels:

But he didn’t stop there, he got through the auditions, semi-finals and straight to the live finals, show that was broadcasted to an audience of over 13 million viewers.

Steven is a pole dancer that has only one thing in his mind: equality. There’s no difference between sexes for him, whenever pole dancing is involved.

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