Ron Howard is known for making such dramatic films like Apollo 13, The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons and many more, but before those two adaptations of Dan Brown’s novels, he adapted the original book of Dr. Suess, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas“.

‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ is a delightful family flick that both adults and children can enjoy (mostly with each other). It is basically mirroring the 1966 animated adaptation but with a twist. While in the animated version the Grinch is the villain, in this remake he is the main character, the plot revolving around him explaining to us why the Grinch is the way it is by showing us how he got to be such a “meanie”. And what the audience gets is a pleasant Christmas treat. The writers screenplay is brilliant as they cleverly manages to include some adult humor.

Jim Carrey is a hit as the Grinch and even in the serious times in this movie he is hilarious. He is a master at his trade and no one could have played this role to perfection as him.

the grinch
In the land of Whoville everyone loves Christmas and count down the whole year until that wonderful time. However just outside Whoville lives the Grinch, a green hairy twisted creature that hates, and always has hated, Christmas and was rejected by the Who’s as a child. A young girl from Whoville sets out to befriend the Grinch and help him find his love of Christmas but, when it goes wrong early on, the Grinch becomes even more rotten and plans to ruin it for everyone.

The world of Whoville is beautifully constructed and created, full of color, life, energy and spirit. The CGI team and makeup crew deserve full credit for making the characters and settings so lifelike, bringing out a lot of detail and appearing authentic.

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