A Christmas Story” is a rare film about children yet for adults. While kids will definitely enjoy this Christmas-themed saga, adults will find a deeper level of depth than they may remember from seeing the film at a younger age.

“A Christmas Story”is about an average middle class family living in a small town in the 1940’s and tells the story of the epically materialistic journey of Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) as he seeks to obtain ‘A Red Rider Air Rifle’. This is all that Ralphie can think about day and night, so he spins an intricate web of cunning and deceit as he plots to get his hands on it – including an essay, a trip to Santa Claus and more. The movie also shows us a glimpse of his family – his irritable, foul-mouthed father with a good heart, his whiny brother Randy, and his sweet, all-American mother. It is not so much a continuous story as a series of vignettes, but it ultimately serves the movie’s purpose.

This film is made funny by the narration of Jean Shepherd which is filled with love for this story and by doing so, he absolutely captures the emotions and logic of childhood. This is essentially a story about childhood and is very accurate in regards to the yearning of children and the whole Christmas erachristmas story, ralphie and santa

There’s a reason why it’s played constantly on TV throughout the Christmas season – it’s a movie everyone can relate to. There are moments of such pure truth here that few can deny their power.

It has some of the best scenes of all-time and although we know a few people who dislike it because it’s a bit “weird” and “dark,” most people love it.

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