These are the hottest women in wrestling at the moment. Obviously, there are other hotties in the world of wrestling, but these six ladies outclassed them.

Being a female wrestler requires so much more than to have fighting skills. It requires a great body (which would attract more men), great acting skills and the ability to make the audience feel what pain, anger or enjoyment you are experiencing in the ring.

Wrestling combines athletic performances with theatrical ones in a way that can make most of their viewers hold their breath in anticipation for what is to come. By modernizing moves like striking attacks, holds and throws wrestling has caught up with today’s need for entertaining. Not only this, but they added improvised weapons when it is called for it.

Here’s Timbaland’s music video for “Throw it on me” in which WWE Divas are the main topic. In the video, wrestlers like Layla, Torrie, Kelly Kelly, Maryse, Brooke, Ashley are split into two groups (The Baby Faces and Extreme Exposé) that have a Battle Royale between each other:

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