There is nothing like a love story! Unless we are talking about Hollywood love story. We have come to realize that to have a Hollywood couple crush isn’t a good idea because all of the divorces and break-ups that comes the way along. Sure keeping a private life with your loved one is not easy in the glamorous life of celebrities but over the years famous couples have managed to break our hearts with their break ups.

Hard to live a private life with the spotlights on you…

It is known what a busy and chaotic life celebrities have and sometimes even going shopping for some might be a challenge. Not to mention have a private love life. From finding the intimacy to know each other as they really are to maintaining a family life, stars always had difficulties with their personal lives. But that isn’t always the reason relationships end. Sometimes there’s infidelity, other times really busy schedules and sadly sometimes people just grow apart. And then there are the couples that have been going on and off who you already know there is a strong chance that will get back together by the time this article is published.

Hollywood relationships almost always fail

Hollywood couples (those who make it through have what it takes to be a Hollywood Power Couple) are known for their failed relationships and high rates coming from their divorces. They have to face the challenge of compatibility like all couples do but with celebrities’ things get rough because of their proximity and image they have to keep. So it’s from them whom we should all learn their key steps for a healthy and preserve relationship.

But in the following article we will be listing the best celebrity beak-ups that have happened in 2014. First Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose, then Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks and then Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks. Seems like a lot of couples made up their mind this year and whether they left things messy and scandalous or decent and polite you will find out below.

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