Hollywood can give you fame and success and it can also take it and use it against you. The pressure celebrity puts on an adult is hard enough to handle, not to mention on a child. Paparazzi following you everywhere, and some of them are really crossing the line sometimes.

Worst side of fame

The luxury of privacy is hardly ever an issue and growing in those conditions can somehow get you confuse regarding your life. Celebrity like Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan and Macaulay Culkin saw the worst side of fame.

With periodic check ins in the rehab for either drug addiction or depression, these celebrities have had struggles in keeping a straight path in the world of Hollywood.

Role models

Then again there are celebrities like Natalie Portman, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Dakota Fanning that are not only child stars that managed to stay out of this dreadful path but have really become role models and are admired by their activism and talent that is always performed in exceptional and memorable movies.

In the following article we listed a series of celebrities of both kind in case you didn’t keep up with their activities and work throughout the years you can find them out in our article.

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