If you saw the Fifty Shades of Grey already you should probably notice the familiarity of the plot. And if you haven’t seen it yet don’t forget to take notice of these similarities. The modern movie myth based on the social life could easily be observed in movies like “A Star Is Born” or “Pretty Woman”.

The damsel in distress is one thing that all of them have in common. A poor girl with little experience proves to her soul mate, a man of wealth and experience, that she is indeed an equal character.

If this doesn’t sound familiar, then look at it this way: A shy, hardworking and innocent college student goes to interview a powerful and rich CEO whom she immediately forms a bond.

Dakota Johnson’s presence is the strongest from the whole movie cast, although she plays the most naive and fragile character. Her expressive face manages to give a vivid response even when she has no line. Her face says the story for her. She develops a new and improved Anastasia Steele throughout the script and her character.

The English-lit major is asked by her roommate a simple favor and that is to interview the cold and powerful business man Christian Grey. Nothing prepares ether one of them for each other. Although Christian Grey seems always ready because he always think how can he get what he wants first but she sure does want right away Anastasia’s lower lip that she continually bites during their interview. He will eventually get Ana through his BDSM lifestyle but meanwhile let’s point out the prominent moments.

The Interview Scene

interview scene from movie Fifty Shades of GreyChristian Grey’s office as well as his house seems to Anastasia Steele as a sleek corporate headquarters. Judging by the lack of mess she associate it with signs of power, although whatever need he might have could be easily stored in some empty space or he could easily obtain it, due to his resources, staff and money. The erotic room is once again perfectly ordered, a sign of the thrill for absolute power.

Coming back from the interview Anastasia tells her roommate about Mr. Grey, describing him as “formal and clean”. She is influenced by his well-controlled environment that he created around him with modern touches of hard and shiny, his office, in comparison to her apartment in which she lives with Kate. His decorative cleanliness gets Ana to mistake it for his physical and mental cleanliness.

During the interview, Christian develops interest in knowing more about Ana. He wants to know which author made her fall in love with literature and even offers her an internship at his firm when he finds out she will graduate soon and want to move to Seattle.

Anastasia says with a coy attitude that she probably wouldn’t fit in there: “Look at me.” and it’s Mr. Grey’s response that heats up their already created tension: “I am.

She gets her heads up from Mr. Grey but a college student that has as a hobbybookswon’t even know what hit her if someone so powerful and experienced as Christian Grey decides to put his hands on her. Although she doesn’t need the attention from this corporate CEO she is disturbingly attracted to him, devouring every word that comes out of his mouth.

The Stock Cable Scene

hardware store scene from movieAfter the interview, Christian decides it’s time to get to know Anastasia because he realize that she might never have the courage to say or do anything to him. So he takes matters into his own hands. He visits Ana in the hardware store where she works.

Shocked to see him there, although he was the only thing she could think of since she left the interview, she tells himWhat can I help you with?Do you stock cable ties? Christian asks in addition to probably fill in his home stock. The whole talk is in a flirty yet shy tone. While Ana tries to hide the excitement in her voice, Christian appears as calm as always and, obviously, as intimidating as always.

Ana jokes saying that he has all the items who would make the perfect serial killer and as always, Christian tortures her with an even calmer “Not today.” On a funny note Christian seemed impressed with Ana’s skills of handling rope or maybe just around rope, asking her if she’s been in the girls scouts before.

Ana recommends him what kind of masking tape to buy although she remains suspicious of the fact that a corporate CEO doesn’t seem the handymen type, especially a young entrepreneur like him. After a few awkward and tense hand touches by mistake, Christian leaves. This makes Ana even more fascinated about him.

Because of his constant appearance in her life, he sends her a gift that she cannot accept but doesn’t get the chance to send them back. After her roommate, Kate, is devouring every bit of the story they both decide to go out for drink to celebrate the end of their finals. After a few drinks, drunk Ana calls Christian to say she can’t accept his gift.

He immediately goes to the bar where she was and brings her back to his hotel room in order for her to sleep her drunkenness, waking up with no pants whatsoever but with an almost naked Christian Grey in front of her eyes. This scene is quite romantic and cute if you consider the way he took care of her and not took advantage like her friend Jose did but overall he adds another reason for her to completely fall in love with him and for him to obsess even more with her.

The First Sex Scene

christian holds anna romanticallyTheir first attempt to have sex for the first time is after Christian shows her the “Red Room of Pain”. After that Christian explains to her all his contract negotiations and what each and every one of them implies. Ana seems to agree to the term but confesses that she never had sex before and leaves Christian both shocked and intrigued.

After a tense discussion, Christian decides to “rectify the situationgrabbing her and bringing her to his room. The scene starts off with kisses from Christian and a light fluff that covers Ana’s skin reminds us of a similar first sex scene.

Remember when Sebastian, a bad boy has sex with Annette, a virgin played by actress Reese Witherspoon in “Cruel Intentions”? Sounds a bit familiar doesn’t it? It seems that guys with “bad boy” reputations have a thing for “deflowering” and for some reason it seems more precious to them that a girl untouched by other fellow male.

The scene is shown manly in silhouettes, the music slowly plays while Christian thrust into Ana. There aren’t fireworks, nothing screams scandalous that is if you don’t get shocked about pubic hair. Overall the scene is mostly how every girl wishes to be on her first time. The next morning she makes breakfast while dancing and Christian surprises her saying “You are in a good mood today.” Well with the Christian Grey special treatment, we bet she was.

“Mother’s Home!”

Christian Grey tieAfter Ana’s first time, she wakes up in a good mood and quickly spreads it all around including to Christian. They take a bath and the two try to reenact the night before making the appearance for the so-known gray tie. Here is a scene that will get viewers to where they want. A bit of bondage.

He ties Ana’s hands together with the tie and asks her to keep them above her head. A scene of cunnilingus is about to start but Ana keeps moving her hands making Christian to force her hands to stay up.

Suddenly they get interrupted by Christian mother, character played by actress Marcia Gay Harden. Ana laughs a bit about it but finally gets up and dresses to meet her. His mother doesn’t expect to see Ana but is happy to meet her.

In another scene when the two go to dinner with his parents, Ana announces Christian that she is going to visit her mother in Georgia. In the book we see a more aggressive Christian that forces Ana into having sex in the boathouse, whereas in the movie they simply talk and have an argument by the pool house without any sex involved. In the end she promises to this about the contract.

From this scene we can depict Ana’s happiness when she finally enjoys herself, that is until Christian’s inner dominant side come to life and forces his way around things again. As far as the bondage it is lightly presented but it prepares the viewers for the next scenes that will be harder to embrace.

The Discovery of the Red Room

Fifty Shades of grey - Red room of painI guess it’s safe to say that most of us might have a room containing our hobbies in which we might nurture them as long as they are within in the safety of our homes.

It can be a game room with an Xbox or air hockey or why not a beer fridge but for Christian Grey it’s nothing more than a Red Room of Pain and however we will try to describe it it’s best if you just see it for yourself. Nothing could complete the image of a dark leather combined with red room that make your imagination fly off the charts just by the very first glimpse at it.

When Christian finally reveals his play room to Anastasia, he informs her about all her potential exit strategies she has if she doesn’t feel comfortable anymore with it. “It’s important you know that you can leave at any time,” he replies. “I meant what I said. The helicopter is on standby to take you whenever you want to go.

This is what Christian says to Ana right before he shows her his special room. Due to his lack of certain explanations, Anastasia asks him to open it already. As she commands, the door opens and Ana is left in shock and confused taught, only managing to whisper an ”Oh my God.

The toughest part for Dakota was indeed the scenes from the Red Room.  “There’s a scene in which Christian uses a flogger on Anastasia,” the actress described. “Filming a sex scene is not a sensual or pleasurable environment. It’s really hot — not in a steamy, sexual way. It’s just sweaty and it’s not very comfortable. And on top of that, my hands and legs were tied, and I was blindfolded, and I was being hit with this bizarre tool.

It’s rather odd that we see the room through Anastasia’s eyes and we tend to have the same reaction as she had. It makes us chuckle, it surprises us and it even outrages us but we can’t help but admitting that we don’t immediately reject it. It has its own allure that makes us fascinated by the things that might go on there.

The Contract Reading

Christian and Anastasia, sex contractDakota manages give her character a funny side and she is no pushover when it comes to contracts. The scene in which Dakota and Christian read the contract’s obligations and conditions is mainly the reason why it made to our list.

While they sit looking through every detail and experience that she might not agree with. She finds a sentence that doesn’t resonates with her: “Find anal fisting. Strike it out.” The timing and dynamic are absolutely gold to the scene.

Soft Limits

To be discussed and agreed between both parties:

Which of the following sexual acts are acceptable to the Submissive?

  • Masturbation
  • Fellatio
  • Cunnilingus
  • Vaginal intercourse
  • Vaginal fisting
  • Anal intercourse
  • Anal fisting

Anastasia isn’t just a coy young girl she is also rebellious, a combination that make Christian Grey fall in love with her. As an actor, Jamie is also eased by Dakota’s transformation to the role, making him resonate with a more human and interesting Anastasia.

One of the most over and over read passage from the book would be the contract, as well as the most issued scenes in the movie. Once again Ana is rising to the occasion making her own decisions in her humble yet funny way, denying any type of fisting and wondering what would butt plugs be. It’s the perfect combination that describes Anastasia’s nature, as a determined woman as well as a naïve girl to the BDSM world.

The movie has its own quality advantage: Dakota Johnson. She worked intensely with director Sam Taylor-Johnson in order to perfect her role in all of the movies. There is a reason why she got so close to the director, judging by the fact that nobody wanted the inner goddess striking out at any point and good for them.

They saved us from a lot of awkward scenes. Not only that she doesn’t believe that “f___” is an epithet but she clearly doesn’t appear as trembling. In fact she envisions a different character that is perfectly blended to the original story and not only that she doesn’t change her character or other, she actually makes them easier to function around her. Dakota brings both vulnerability and keenness to the table.

This kind of attitude reminds us of a young Melanie Griffith. Struggling through one’s career can pay off really well and raises the bar a bit higher than expected when being seduced by Christian Grey. Her role might be as vulnerable and shy but her facial expressions and eyes strike back every time.

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