The Simpsons is probably one of the most successful outta the cartoons out there, being one of the originals as well, having lotsa area of covering, from t-shirts to candies and computer games.

The pool of games based on the cartoon is quite humongous to be honest, having to pick from like over 50 types of games, never having the time to check them quite all, but found some inspiration when put on some trying of these games, some are ridiculous stupid, and quite a time waster, but some I quite enjoyed it and served a pretty good time spender when it comes to games.

You must be seeing the fact that most of them are quite old and have some shitty graphics, I wouldn’t be attracted by the others if the game on the no. 10 is kinda shitty and fucked up to play, taking your precious and dump it at the garbage can.

Never the less the creators put on some work to finish these monstrosities and some like the more newer are having the respect and creativity that it deserves and worthwhile spending our time with them. Enough with the chit-chat, let’s get to no. 10.

10. Night at the living tree house horror

Best 10 The Simpsons video gamesIt’s kinda the only game-boy games, in color I mean. The fact that it has unique levels, each lever having a play style of its own, having you select a character after another, rarely coinciding one to another, in which you are to play a game that sorta resembles Mario or Tom& Jerry, the old game.

In which you are to play as a particular hero in whom you must kill a boss now and then and where danger lurks at every step.

It has its own thematically music, every level having its own kinda style and the fact that it was created in 2001 makes him one of the best choices in that period. For me… this is one of the crappiest kinda games.

Bullshit graphics in which you are stuck with the same song over and over and fucking over, and the game style is hard even from the beginning in which you are put to the test of patience leaving you dumb-ass quest that never seem to end in which you will swear the game once or twice along the game.

It’s a mapped game in which you don’t know exactly where you are going to face your face, seemingly dumb as the creator. I would never want to play this game again. Damn it will give me nightmares. Over and over.

9. Simpsons Wrestling

best simpson gamesDisgusting graphics in which you find numerous characters of which doings never seem to be proper for a kid to learn. Maybe it’s just the oldness of the games that make them so ridiculously bad.

Each champion has its own style of play, sloppy, a never-ending sight of stupidity. Why? Cause you never seem to see when you hit the other one, assuming only that that was a hit or something cause the health bar diminished its length and at some point you seem to forget that you are competing to each other and more likely wanna see some real contact in the ring.

Absurd correlation, edginess of the graphics is just astounding. If I would wanna fight with a square I would’ve clicked on Geometry Wars and no this stupid crumbly shit. And Geometry Wars is like 10 times better than this.

But nonetheless is fun when it comes to play it with a friend over a beer, fighting to find that hit you wanna punch the neighbor for letting his stupid dog pee on the front-door carpet.

8. Itchy and Scratchy

best the simpsons gamesThis one here kinda resembles the type in the Night at the living Tree House horror, making me horribly remember that crap.

Anyhow, it’s upper down the list than the previous cause the graphics kinda excel compared with that one and you don’t wanna draw over that crap in the end, but, like the other, you are getting bored even more faster cause there are no diversifying in the game modes, seemingly doing the same thing over and over again.

You have a hammer, using it to flatten the fucking cat and in like the show you are constantly equipped with a portable bomb which you sometimes use it to crack the cat’s head off.

You have boss-fights as well but the fact that you are playing in 2d kinda makes me scratch this outta my retina as well as the previous games I described and wanna think what am I going to do with my life from now on, it kinda seem a fucking waste of time and nothing good would come outta it.

Long short story, you seem on hitting nails all over the game and throw from time to time your time at the dumpster cause this is a utterly shitty production from Sega, in which, you might as well take your eye-ballz off.

7. Bart vs. the world

This one is kinda the best outta the worst as I would like to call it cause it has the same version of implemented stupidity like no. 10 and 8 in which you have to shoot off stupid craps outta the game and as well to create an own version of recipe, in which you play different shapes of mini-games with roulette or ice building, nonetheless much more fun than the retarded version of those preceding games.

It’s terribly hard to play at some point and you will find the urge to take off bunches of your hair trying to resolve the game in which you are kinda stuck for life, some levels, especially there you have to jump over shit-craps and don’t find any solution at all.

God please kill these creators for making this beauty of a game, in which you are throwing your life at the dumpster literally. Find some strength and delete them even from our memory. You will be satisfied with me as a slave in exchange of deleting this crap.

6. The Simpsons Skateboarding

best the simpsons games listIt’s like Tony Hawk but without Tony Hawk. Has the same area of interests when you pull of this game in which you are to make some schematics over a fence or some sort of trick-bar, you get points, combo- points, the graphics are not all that bad, Bard is the one selling this game and is doing a pretty good job over this game.

As well as the rest of the family, which, in a stupid way, they can play too even though they have not fucking relation with this game mechanics or subject or whatever, I don’t understand why are they in this game as well.

As I said, pretty good graphics… ok compared with the precedent games, and worse than Tony Hawk itself, but it’s kinda the same, looking more alike the show than having pixels all over the screen and squares instead of a fucking line that delimitates something with seemingly less complicated schemes and mumbo-jumbos to do in the content of the game.  And they serve donuts for Homer as well. Till the end, not the worst to play, try it, smiley face.

5. The Simpsons Hit & Run

best video games listThis is more like my style. It simply is one of GTA clones in which you experience the same freedom when it comes to roaming in the world, it’s kinda the first Simpsons game in which you could say you experience the 3D world of Springfield in which the immersing role of a game is fulfilled.

Giving you the same kind of experience like in GTA, with all sorts of side quests in which you elaborate to have more money and points, where you can buy cars and trucks, having the opportunity to wreck everything that stands in your way.

The experience great, the graphics could do better but for that period is very well done, really giving you the feeling that you are in another world, their world that they have created and never seem to get your mind of the city.

You have all the characters in the series to interact and receive quests and bonuses that will carry you all throughout the game, and to be sincere is not that good of a game, never having the guts to finish it cause it still is time eating compared with the experience. Not the best but definitely not the worst game Simpsons has come out with.

4. The Simpsons Game by EA

best the simpsons gamesI simply adore what the EA games are doing with their stuff, and to be sincere I never have seen a bad game coming outta their brains.

The camera view is kinda crappy in which you cannot very well immerse in the game making you feel “m’eh, this game could’ve been more accurate if “ and there comes lotsa down-points like the getting along with the mechanics and roam into a different world, that are really alike the Simpsons jokes, which I’m not the biggest fan of them but still taste them in a smiling manner making it worth the time to play this game cause all of those cut-scenes in which you feel like you are in the game and expect from time to time to appear something completely aberrational for you to resolve.

The year 2007 is one of the most productive for the series bringing you up their movie and as well as this game made by EA games in which the valor of this series is shown having all sorts of people buying and seeing the affiliated entertainment options of theirs.

3. The Simpsons Road Rage

best the simpsons video gamesThis is as well a clone to another game called Crazy Taxi in which you have specific missions in which you have to complete a course in a specific time period and it’s pretty hilarious, making everything knock able, destroying everything in your path and push the limits.

It’s very fun especially when you play it in multiplayer with another individual making it more interesting having the cars in lotsa varying modes, each other having specific qualities in which one has more handling and one more speed and overall it’s pretty fun to play.

The graphics aren’t all that good but it’s one of the latest Simpsons games where you have a 3D image and quite immersive, less than the previous but still.

2. Itchy & Scratchy mini golf game

best the simpsons games everIt’s a mini game correlated with a platform game and sports, making it very very unique.

You get killed in various ways along the path of this game having it completely immersive when it comes to score different varieties of combinations. The graphics are explainable excruciating being a game created in 1993, hasn’t too much of action and you can play it 1 vs 1 making this much more interesting than the previous.

It hasn’t lotsa options and is kinda low budget if you were to ask me but still you don’t have to clutch at every step of the game like in the others making it less stressful and more fun to play. It’s bad cause it is black & white, which kinda bothers me but nonetheless you find the power to understand what’s happening in there.

1. The Simpsons Arcade game

best simpsons games listIt’s one of the few beat-them-up games making it much more interesting than the others, having you pairing with someone to defeat the creeps and monsters along the path. Looks like ninja turtles or X-men, Golden Axe and it’s pretty fun to play when it comes to the nostalgia that it creates.

This kinda is the main original that helped create the MoBa games in the future. If there weren’t for these games we wouldn’t have the games we have at the moment, being a big source of inspiration, laying the groundwork and they just did it right, the colors, the sound, the simplicity of the game-play, you having only two bunds while you are attacked from both ways, of course you are teamed up with a friend.

You never seem to get bored of this game, having lotsa items to pick up and use them, power-ups. But the bad part is that you gotta find an arcade cause the copyright has been lost when put onto Play-station.

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