Think there is a name for laws that don’t make any sense. IT’s called stupid. People often tend to fury on shits that simply the only way that would make any sense would be to ask them.

Laws are made for the sole purpose of helping the society in a manner that would not affect the good flow of the things, the universe and some are just preposterously stupid that would make any man in any society to laugh their ass of only when they imagine what could lurk before that decision.

most stupid laws everUsually they are made by completely competent entities if not men, here are definitely entities by the way they were worked and thought. Simply the thought process itself it’s a complicated scheme that must intertwine with other laws so that they could be cooperating one with each other for the wellbeing of the people in the society but it may seem that they are indeed working for the wellbeing of the society by making the citizen laugh, especially the one that are not knowing of the fact itself that lead to that retarded law.

Some of them are really LOOL, but I won’t spend another minute trying to convince you of their retardants… you’ll see for yourself. Enjoy.

19. Bingo games cannot last more than 5 hours.- N. Carolina

What? There is a limit to this shit? Do the organizers fell asleep at some point so they denounced the timer so people wouldn’t steal off their ballz while they were taking a nap?

And apparently is made that the professionals, if there is such thing, to profit from the thing. I think that people that buy lotsa tickets are the one that are called “Professional” I dunno what to say about that.

But anyhow it’s kinda nonsense. What if your dying grandma wants to play her last hours of life and you don’t let het make her desires in public like that. Shame on you North Carolina.

18. Chickens aren’t allowed to cross the road- Quitman, GA

stupid laws listFucking LOL man, I’ve heard the chicken jokes many-many times and never seem to get grasp on the shit. I thought that it was something to distract you from the actual logic of the joke.

Apparently, even though the chicken live at farms where there are fences and shit and few roads, the problem is quite frequent in America, dunno actually why, but certainly cause the chickens are ignorant and most often seem to not care if they are going to die or not.

What?! Yea, they have a small brain that can’t differentiate the death symbol from the cosmic figure. They only eat-pee-poop-eat again and sleep. There isn’t too much to a chickens life. Or they are just curious.

In order to solve that issue some came with the idea of chicken vests that are fluorescent and make the stupidity glow harder in order to see the creep. The company that produces them is called Omlet, ironically, cause that you obtain after an incursion with the tires over them…

The chickens are lacking in reflecting the light so they created the yellow and pink vests so you can acknowledge their presence in their decision to cross the road… to get to the other side.

Probably this joke was made in America when the parents ran off onto a chicken and the kids asked the retarded question and seemingly the parents, in lack of inspiration tended to create lotsa answers for that crap. The real, only answer for that is “ to get to the other side”.

17. If you cut down a cactus, you could be sentenced to 25 years in prison- Arizona

most stupid laws everWhere else could be that law made in? What if a people is so thirsty he would cut a man only to satisfy his thirst, what then?

Apparently this law is made solely for those who tend to steal the poor plants for money, lotsa them having the gland made up for that, and simply transplanting a cactus is not that hard…sooo… easy money for easy work. What could be better?

16. Policemen are allowed to bite a dog if they think it will calm the dog down. –Paulding, Ohio

most stupid laws everWhat the actually fuck? What is this Cuba Gooding Jr. Snow Dogs?! Bite the dogs to calm down… really ?!

The only and the main reason for a policeman to do that and make sense is that when the policeman is watching over some people committing some sort of infraction so they can keep quiet… but that should be sudden and how the hack would he be getting his hands on the dog in the first place cause the dog wouldn’t be that stupid, “ Oh wait, let’s get in a biting contest”.

Of course he would run off, you being lotsa bigger in size than him… 1st of all you couldn’t get to the dog, 2nd of all I think he would bark harder to attract the owner to expel you from the land and 3rd of all I think there was only a single case of that sort in which the policeman didn’t knew what to do with a dog, being a cat person, so he bit him to stop and in order to not be accused for biting the poor man’s dog, his grandpa invented this stupid law so he would not be convicted again an brought off to the stand.

15. It’s illegal to sell your eyeballs.- Texas

most stupid laws everThis is so damn stupid… How could somebody sell that kinda crap? 1st of all they are not transplantable. 2nd of all, you could not see what kind of money is the person who you are selling them is offering for them, it could be phony money or worse, his dick.

Dunno where this law came from but it’s really retarded and makes no actual sense and I don’t think there were actually cases of that shit in the world. One at least… Lemme search… Nope, no actual result, only more articles about the law and the fact that is dumb as fuck. Good job America!

14. It’s against the law to sing off key- N. Carolina

I’d approve with this one, nobody should be put on with this kinda torture…especially FBI or CIA when listening to our house and you are in the shower, that’s why there are so many busts in N. Carolina, people don’t have any idea they are followed and bang, singing in the shower at one point and you are busted.

Leaving the jokes aside the only logical thing that could come into my mind referring to this stupid law is that it’s phonic polluting the area around us, rendering me unable to come with other situation that could explain this.

13. You may not sell toothpaste and a toothbrush to the same customer on a Sunday- Rhode Island

stupid laws toplistWhat? What? Can’t process the stupidity in this one. Make me understand. If my mouth stinks like hell or I have an infection or both making It extremely urgent I have to go to different shops to resolve this cause…. It’s extremely true that this kind of stupidity really exists on the planet and don’t have an actual reason for that…

So I’m Macaulay Culkin in a Sunday and I’m followed by some random burglars all around the town and I have to rush down to my home after I passed the second store, the house would be burgled in the meantime and he would be left empty and broken and his family would slap the hell outta him. It’s simply not fair.

12. You are not allowed to eat fried chicken any other way than using your hands.- Gainesville, Ga

stupid laws toplist…If I want to eat my chicken with a fucking fork let me do it. You have no business to interfere with my food. I would move from that town put singularly cause of that law.

They have no business to mess up with my food. Maybe the guy, the poor one that would be charged, it has never eat chicken only sushi and shit and he orders a pair of chopsticks alongside the chicken and successfully eat the chicken proper, what then? You would charge him for improper eating?! Really…

most stupid laws ever11. Marriage between cousins is against the law only if they are younger than 65.- Utah

This one right here sounds a little logical to me. Let’s suppose that both are widowed and looking someone to spend their life with and find nada… They can’t conceive any kids so they are not putting anyone in jeopardy… but still… Sick law and it’s wrong in so many ways.

10. Red cars may not drive down Lake Street- Minneapolis, Mn

Not something that could be left outta logic when you were to think about it…. Maybe there are some red parapets alongside the road and the policeman can’t see them to charge in case of something.

9. It’s forbidden for a female to appear unshaven in public- Carrizozo, Nm

sutpid laws everI really agree to this one and it’s not stupid at all. I’d put this law in all the world if possible… Supposedly I’m eye washing with a fine booty and she reveals her unshaved face, may I think that I looked at a man and had an erecting …?

NO, that would be unpleasant as fuck plus the fact that I’ve seen a dude/chick on Discovery a while ago a woman with a long beard… I still can’t get her outta my mind… what the actual fuck testosterone?

most stupid laws ever8. Bear wrestling matches are prohibited- Alabama

No… why? I would like to see some bears fight against each other. Now leaving the jokes aside this is not really a dumb law,,, more unique… cause Russians are totally ok with it, but they fight in real life, why not put bets on them ?

most stupid laws ever7. You may not take a picture of a rabbit from January to April without an official permit- Wyoming

What the actual fuck is going in there? Are they allergic to flashes or they can’t reproduce properly if people post porn rabbits or the technique is so secret that only they need to watch it and leave the rest of the world not knowing… Just WTF

most stupid laws ever6. You cannot buy meat of any kind on Sunday- Washington

I’m hungry; I want meat, why don’t you give me meat? Let’s suppose I’m that fellow that eats like a factory and I’m doing hard exercise and I need my proteins on the Sunday schedule… I must wait another day to do my routine?

5. It’s illegal to attend a public event or use public transport within 4 hours of eating an onion or a garlic.- Indiana

Wow, they really must have some sort of issues, otherwise I can’t explain myself their problems against that. Let’s 

worst laws ever4. A motorist with criminal intentions must stop at the city limits and telephone the chief of police as he is entering the town. -Washington

Yea, right, like if I were to kill someone I would tell. Maybe for motorists is ok, cause they are all grungy and shit and they could be reduced their sentence off if they do so… this one is quite hilarious.

worst laws ever3. If you have a moustache it’s illegal for you to kiss a woman- Eureka, Nevada

Those folks seem to have it all figured it out, cause otherwise they wouldn’t be called Eureka and I’m dually on this one.

On the one hand I understand cause all shits come to get into the moustache and it looks nice and on the other hand the girl must kiss you, and you can’t force her to do so… Think much carefully Eureka…

2. It’s against the law for a woman to drive a car in Main Street unless her husband is walking in front of the car waving a red flag. –Waynesboro, VA

Yes finally has come up with a decent law in this world and I would put it in the whole wide world. Till I’d get a serious beating from all of them and have no chance to hook up forever… then there’s that…

1. You can be arrested or fined for harassing Bigfoot- Washington

What what what what?! He isn’t even real and people went on getting a law for too much people harassing poor Bigfoot, where are you from? Narnia?

Put your shit up together Washington… Or I will  consider you the capital no more.

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