Erbert Kilpin founded Milan Football and Cricket Club on 16 December 1899, in the Lombardi capital. In just a couple of decades it would become one of the most prestigious clubs in the world. By 1901 they managed to win the title with an historic starting eleven.

The club’s name was shortened to ‘Milan Football Club’ in 1919 before becoming ‘Associatione Calcio Milan’ or AC Milan in 1938. Although the name was changed several times the club’s red and black strip remained unchanged, Kilpin stating “let us be like the devil and instill fear in everyone”.

In 1926 the club acquired a new stadium, San Siro, financed by the chairman at the time Pierro Pirelli. The stadium was sold to the local council in the 1960’s and renamed Giuseppe Meazza upon the death of the legendary player of their rivals, Internationale. From then on it was referred to as the San Sire when AC Milan played there and Giuseppe Meazza when Inter were at home.

They are the second most successful club in world football in terms of international trophies with 18 officially recognized UEFA and FIFA titles. Milan has won every major competition in which it has competed, with the exception of the UEFA Europa League.

AC Milan squad photo in 199-11992

In 1986 bussinesman, television magnate and future Italian president Silvio Berlusconi purchased 90% of the club’s shares, and started a rebirth of the Italian club. Long before other clubs such as Chelsea did the same thing in England, Milan turned the standard transfer market practice upside down in Italy. “I don’t sell, I only buy,” stated the new chairman on taking over and within 10 years they have won every major honour in the game.

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