One of the most successful series of all time, with fans all round the world, nothing fictional about this series though, making it so much more interesting to see why it prevailed throughout all the vampires and werewolves meant for children, with a so much down-to-earth scenario, very addictive from my perspective, as well with an internal story between the characters not only the cases themselves, not how we were used to see in “Lie to Me”.

It won two Golden Globes and another 51 prizes less important and had been nominated 117 times ! One of the movie-making giants. These are the best of the best, as well objective as subjective, emotional as well as entertaining and phun.

6. Season 2/Episode 2- Autopsy

An episode in which House’s cynicism barely finds a place in his heart and mind, where he is put up into a test of endurance, cooping up with the bravery of a 9 year old girl with terminal cancer to find a tumor buried deep in her skull, finding first one near her heart and operate her, not being enough and “kill” her to autopsy her head.

Dr. House: Is it still illegal to perform an autopsy on a living person?

Dr. Cuddy: Are you high?

Dr. House: If it’s Tuesday, I’m wasted.

Dr. Cuddy: It’s Wednesday.

In the meantime he is carrying a fight of his own with the cold, succeeding to conquer after a mixture of meds with Vicodin that he sniffed.

Dr. Wilson: House. Need you.

Dr. House:  Nah. Forget it, I’m going home.

Dr. Wilson: Hay fever?
doctor house scene

Dr. House: Boy, you must be a doctor and everything.

The first clot he found was near the heart, seemingly being the first place to look after the hallucinating tumor, countering his team opinion of her test results for her level of Oxygen saturation being 94%, the normal line being set at 95%.

Dr. Foreman: Her oxygen saturation is normal.

Dr. House: It’s off by one percentage point.

Dr. Foreman: It’s within range. It’s normal.

Dr. House: If her DNA was off by one percentage point, she’d be a dolphin.

Weary of his condition in which he is less brave than a 9 year old girl he finds himself on the verge of trying something new at the end of the episode, taking a motorcycle for a spin, making us all what else can there be in this life to discover and yet we don’t even acknowledge it.

5. Season 2/ Episode 20- Euphoria part 1

dr house episode copDr. House: Cop with a sense of humor, differential diagnosis, guy’s in the ER, bleeding on everybody.

Dr. Foreman: Drugs?

Dr. Chase: He’s a cop.

Dr. Foreman: Good point, how about… drugs?

Dr. House: Tox screen was clean, he did however get hit with a bullet. Just mentioning.

Dr. Cameron: He was shot?

Dr. House: No, somebody threw it at him.

So Houses style to mock the obvious, but in any case, they are treating a patient which happens to be a cop- nobody really likes them- much less House or Foreman. Dr. Foreman seems to have the same symptoms as the shoot cop meaning the shot wasn’t the one causing the patients delirium, loss of eye-sight, inexplicable laughter and jokes made upon serious scenarios.

Besides the fact that the cop was cropping pot, unmasked by Foreman, and using bird fertilizing for the plants which hypothetical could cause his seizures and pain, there is nothing else that can reveal the cause of their illness .

Dr. Chase: Foreman. Why aren’t you answering? Is there a problem?

Dr. Foreman: S-square.

Dr. House: Tell me your date of birth.

Dr. Foreman: Is that House?

Dr. Chase: Yeah. Next?

Dr. Foreman:  Square again. Why is he here?

Dr. House: Because my neurologist is having surgery.

Dr. Foreman: I thought I was another patient.

Dr. House: You didn’t believe that crap. Did you?  Date of birth.

Dr. Foreman: The Ommaya reservoir is inserted in the parietal lobe. My spacial recognition is the issue, not my memory.

Dr. House: Oops! Did you say Ommaya? I could swear you said biopsy. Hey! I’m just messing with your head. Mother’s maiden name, please.

Dr. Foreman:  Get out of my temporal lobe, House.

4. Season 5/ Episode 24- Both Sides Now

house and cuddyOn the background of an unparticular case in which a fellow is brought up to the hospital with a brain that hasn’t correlation between left and right, in antithesis most of the time, we see Houses attempts to get over Cuddy after a wild night with her.

Wild until he realizes that he only fantasized about her and didn’t actually happen. It terribly sadden me when I found out but nonetheless he is a tough guy an can get through that as well with style. As a result she took measures after he exposed to the whole hospital that they had wild sex, falsely nonetheless but brought Dr. Curry to her knees

Cuddy: This is beyond ass-hood! You have the luxury of not caring about your image, I do not! I can permit a lot of crap, but an employee shouting about his sexual exploits with me, no! That is zero tolerance! So congratulations, House, I am angry.

House: I was wondering if we should move in together.

Cuddy:  You’re fired.

In the end he decides to get some medical attention from a psychiatric hospital and that’s how he ends up in the Broken episode.

3. Season 6/ Episode 1 – Broken

One of the most revealing of House’s interior monsters, crawling back to surface to demise his false state of well-being in which he stumbles upon Dr. Darryl Nolan played by Andre Braugher , a doctor, a black one, which House’s hardly resents in any way, not from his area of expertise.

A well known though, by which he will gradually outplay doctor House in the quest of doing or not doing the meds he had prescribed in the precinct House has been detained after a serious case of Vicodin hallucinations in which Dr. Cuddy was present in the most palpable way for House.

An outburst of his interior emotions that gradually faded out and let the stop widely open for Lydia, played by Franka Potente, the sister in law of one’s patient in the  Hospital.Season 6/ Episode 1 dr house

House: “What exactly is the difference between pretending to cooperate and actually cooperating?”- is one of the most revealing of his actual place behavior and treating, signaling that he isn’t even thinking of trying to cooperate with the adversaries.

House:” I started to connect with one guy but then my propensity for screwing things up overtook me. And then my desire to have fun overcame my propensity.” –House is not in his seat of not cooperating and starts seeing his actual problems that he is faced with.

He finds out that they are not so different from each other, letting the fact that they are quite opposite at the “trusting people” chapter, lending House her car for him to try solving one of the patients illness(one that thought he has super-human powers, called by most “Superman”), instead he ended up in helping him to jump out of a suspended parking lot at the amusement park, getting him even more serious crouched up in his illness.

Gradually House falls in love with her and her likings, being as well as him a piano lover, one of the artistic spirits that are hard to be stumbled upon, which he finds a very good stasis of well-being, coming, till the end, to find out that after that she, even if having feelings for him, will be leaving to Arizona with her husband and the newly absolved of her illness patient, which himself has treated in the most unorthodox kind of way.

House stumbles upon as well with  Juan ‘Alvie’ Alvarez, played by Lin-Manuel Miranda which he ends up in having him as a pall throughout this quest of Solving of his. House: We’re all pathetic. It’s what makes everything interesting. In opposition with “everybody lies”, as an explanation of how are we if we don’t lie.

2. Season 4/Episode 15- Houses Head

Even if you could see House in a strip club, mentioning numerous times that he is captivated by these kinda places, he finds himself in the position of not knowing if he likes what he sees(what?), referring to a girls butt, or where he is for that matter, drinking his way into the joint for a good time as well as having a short time amnesia from a concussion, but still remembering seeing a symptom before a bus crash in which he was a part as well.

Dr. Wilson: A week ago you saw a symptom in a soap star.

Dr. House: Bad argument, since I was right about that.

Dr. House:  Lesbian. Find out if anybody on that bus was taken to other hospitals.

Thirteen: He just forgot mine.cuddy strips

Dr. House: No, Thirteen, I just wanted to call you a lesbian.

Thirteen: I’m not a lesbian.

Dr. House: I was rounding up from 50%.

He finds himself the resolve of the puzzle, trying gradually to find out what actually happened before the bus ride, not remembering what he did with the motorcycle of his cane.

After rounds and rounds of induced hypnosis for finding the main reason House, even if he suffered a serious trauma to the head, is looking for a symptom in his memory, he finally finds it after a critical method, submerged in water to eliminate the odors in his proximity and put to house detained after loosing conscience.

Trying in numerous occasions to talk with his team through via phone even if the nurse he was designated forced him to stay still for the period is profitable to heal him as well. After loosing acces to his phone he stole the nurses mobile and called again figuring out a patients illness in the process.

But all these are not over, after Dr. Cuddy decided to stay at House for the night to see if any repercussions might appear, he remembered that he treated the wrong patient, figuring after a bus incursion with pictures attached to each of his staffs, that Amber was the patient that needs attention.

Dr. House: Why are you here?

The Answer: You believe in reason above all else. There must be a reason.

Dr. House: You have something to tell me?

The Answer: Yes. Who am I?

Dr. House: That’s asking not telling. Who are you?

The Answer: You know who I am.

Dr. House: If I did I’d be passed out in bed instead of OD’ing on physostigmine on the 6th street cross-town.

The Answer: What’s my necklace made of?

Dr. House:  Resin?

The Answer: Who am I?

Dr. House: I don’t know. Why the guessing game?

The Answer: Because you don’t know the answer.

Dr. House: And if I don’t, you don’t. But you know the clues.

The Answer: I know what’s bugging your subconsciousness. What’s my necklace made of?

Dr. House:  No.

The Answer: Who am I?

Dr. House:  Doesn’t make sense.

The Answer: What’s my necklace made of?

Dr. House: Amber.

1. Season 1/ Episode 21- Three Stories

house series, Season 1/ Episode 21- Three StoriesThe best episode this series had to offer, a combination of storytelling in which, gradually we and his team find out that he talks about his own case in one story, teaching to students the difference between wrong and right, and lending us some serious practices used in diagnostic area.

The episode starts with funny remarks between him an the students  “I’m gonna hate you, right?”, seemingly just three usual stories about cases, in which one supposedly was faking, having them to figure which one of those three case is he talking about.

Dr. House: Would you operate on your mother?

Medical student #2: Of course not. I’d be too nervous, couldn’t be objective.

Dr. House: Then why are you so anxious to treat everyone like they were family?

-House trying to absolve the familiarity of his students with the imaginary patients, unrealistic kind of behavior, bad for them and the patient as well.

Dr. House: I’m sure this goes against everything you’ve been taught, but right and wrong do exist. Just because you don’t know what the right answer is, maybe there’s even no way you could know what the right answer is, doesn’t make your answer right or even okay. It’s much simpler than that. It’s just plain wrong. –He does his teaching the hard way for the student, not letting the errors to be acknowledged as something usual by his students,

A strong believer of non-existence of God, House was almost a minute out and seen his other cases of leg injuries as a predicament for his cause, a reason of which he must amputate his leg, strongly keeping on to him, finding in that as well a reason to joke about :” I like my leg. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember.

Dr. Wilson: Do you think he was dead? Do you think those experiences were real?

Dr. House: Define real. They were real experiences. What they meant… Personally, I choose to believe that the white light people sometimes see, visions, this patient saw. They’re all just chemical reactions that take place when the brain shuts down.

Dr. Foreman: You choose to believe that?

Dr. House: There’s no conclusive science. My choice has no practical relevance to my life, I choose the outcome I find more comforting.

Dr. Cameron: You find it more comforting to believe that this is it?

Dr. House: I find it more comforting to believe that this isn’t simply a test.

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