You gotta admit the fact that the most catchy thing for a melody is its intro. Where you can decide if you are going to like it or not. It’s like in a book, you read it, fool around it and in the end, after you’ve read what the beginning had to offer, you decide either if you are going to read still or you are going to leave it.

Feel. See, I’m good at doing verses as well. But the fact is that in that intro you are not going to see voiceover or anything else than a motherfucking guitar, the best instrument invented till this day. I had a guitar once when I was a child, but I hadn’t caught the virus of singing so I let it get old and break in the end.

Sad sad story, now I wished I did not do the same, cause nowadays I don’t have the time to make anything like that, I don’t really have the time for art, or this folks are dedicated body & soul to their career. Some of them are from the period my father used to listen to rock so I’m more attached to it, I can’t really dig the new ones, dunno why and sincerely that was the golden period for music to do.

Now… not so much, it all becomes trendy, then it was based solely on their tastes and not the others so their music relied solely on passion and not the opinion of others. That’s real art, you must admit it, if you don’t think so, fuck a camel though, you’ll get what I show. Struggling to make you understand, giving you hand to hand the notions to comprehend. The end.

6. The Beatles – Day Tripper

best guitar rock introsMust really admit that this one is one of the catchiest intros I’ve ever heard, very calming, and seeming to me like a fucking conversation done by its guitar with his same guitar but in different scenes.

People don’t really appreciate good music as they used, The Beatles being one of the most powerful you can come up today, the rest are motherfucking wasting their time trying to get the hold onto what they’ve discovered right there. It is hard, I must admit, but try not to think the money and the money will surely follow after.

It’s like a kinder surprise, do the negative, and be surprised of what it comes if you really appreciate what you’re doing, otherwise you will watch other intros and you will fucking ask yourself what you did wrong in your life that you can’t make something like that anymore.

It starts in a blues manner from E, feinting into a relative minor coming back to B.

This piece has one of the blues influential in its composition, thing that is understandable, being round the same period that made its way outta the surface as well, making it one of the most danceable things in the fucking world. I still have the piece of intro in my head, fucking amazing I must admit. Great job, great melody, great band, great everything, what could you wish more?  Not a fucking thing.

The melody was released as a double A- Side single on the Rubber Soul album and it peaked at no. 5 that period in January 1966. The theme for this song came them from the consumption of drugs, more precise, tripping in the day, with light upon their face, making the scenery surreal to them to understand something from this life.

5. Metallica – Enter Sandman

best guitar intros everThis one is quite an eargasm to me, having that lady as well singing or at least making vocalizes if not singing, pretty catchy with a sense of cinnamon bund to it. It is as well the piece that gives the album its name and was written by James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett and Lars Ulrich and it has its inspiration and concept from a child’s nightmare.

Metallica was one of my favorite bands back in my youth days, now I’m a little bit more mature, listening rock as well but not those that instigate to fear, war or hate, I kinda resent those, but still a great band, with a superb intro in which you receive every bit of satisfaction which an intro requires it to do, shockingly I watched one of their shows in Moscow where there were peoples piled one onto another like sardines into a can.

I think with that kinda freedom down to their knees they seemed a little off the hook, getting a bit of taste of freedom, the rock itself being an expression of freedom, long hair, unshaved look, instigative music, what’s to ask more about an instigation band?

People don’t value these kinda things anymore, they’re more into pop culture where there is a libertarianism full of gay shit honestly. Can’t imagine anything gayer than pop culture. Okay compared with rock, cause self-standing is a bit more okay.

It had over 1.000.000 copies only in America and 30 Million worldwide, increasing their popularity substantial over the years. The melody had a record in their top, being played 1.113 times, but still behind Master of Puppets (1.439) or Creeping Death(1.389).

4. Led Zeppelin – Heartbreaker

best rock bands everThe piece was engineered by Eddie Kramer, in New York, recorded in A&R Studios in their 2nd album, Led Zeppelin II in 1969. Nice year.

The guy playing the remarkable historic intro was Jimmy Page and he done it in the 2nd tour in North America. The song has his opening on beat 4 behind the G and up the root to A followed by an aggressive kinda blueish sense.

This one is not so special like the other but seemingly better in terms of general appreciation. What’s not to love about Led Zeppelin? Their name has a reference to the German Zeppelins that attacked London back in World War II with a tensed Led attached to it, making it the biggest flying crap on the sky that is also visible with the Led illumination. Woah. Illuminati. For real this time. Never mind.

The intro isn’t that eargasmic as the precedent two in this top, but the band is kinda one of the non-conformist ones. Like really, cause they are non-conformist.

The melody is one that has a stormy groove combined with a huge dose of attitude, you cannot match his war around the folks. Smoking his cigarette and being half-naked. I hate to see naked men on the scene, it’s kinda grouse, and I think women alike cause Robert Plant, the lead singer has no fucking thing to show and make a hot appearance.

Na-ah, he resembles more like a live skeleton on the verge of dying of hunger than a sexy one. Trust me. Still his high-pitched notes makes him one of the best in his domain, like really, I cannot compare him to other singer of rock in the world. One of a kind.

3. Black Sabbath – Iron Man

best guitar rock introsA really good intro with dimming rhythm at the beginning with inflexions at the end that resembles a natural state.

This group is one of the classics that didn’t give up and succeeded in bringing back to life their spirits, having in 2013 a new album, quite good I’d say, with numerous plays that sound just like their precedents, showing us the fact that, no matter the time, we are still remaining the same.

The album’s name is God Is Dead and it’s pretty suggestive for this kinda rock bands. God is not their father, but more likely something real and tangible, excepting the fact that some rock bands really worship Satan in all ways possible, this is not an instigation to that, but a more down to earth kinda relish.

Their single version was included in the greatest hits in the 1970-78 period and it was released in 1970 in the album called Paranoid. After a period of almost 30 years, a live version of the melody won the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance. The year was 2000. I remember this intro since I was a little brat, child, motherfucking kid who had no fucking idea about life and its wines and “life is to be savored” is the general message that I got since then.

I remember the intro and the play quite well but I wasn’t so much fond of this kinda music cause I didn’t understood the message and the purpose so I let it fly into the air like a retarded goose for later on to be unraveled before my eyes its true purpose. Think in ways you never thought before and the Devil will prize you for doing so. Tihhe. Hail Satan.

2. Yes – Roundabout

best rock guitar introsAt first it has inflexions like Steve Vai’s kinda natural ergo energetic in which you find a dim pace of relax coming fast with a hipidie-hop kinda rhythm in which you could easily dance to. I always said. If a piece of melody is not worth dancing to, is not worth listening too.

This is definitely not the case having some bright perspective into it and lootsa disco inflexions that makes you jump of your feet and start fucking dancing. Dance motherfuckers, dance, dance it like is the last thing in life you will ever be allowed to do.

I sincerely hate the persons that are not capable to express themselves via music, cause, if you are stupid and have nothing interesting to say, you must, at least have something to show, your dick or your tits for example, but show us something, entertain, no? I don’t wanna see you again in my life. Trust me.

Great play dating from all the way back to 80’s , one of the pioneers of this kinda music, with great plays to their name that didn’t protrude so deep into society like other consecrated bands succeeded in doing. Shame on you honestly.  A beautiful executed and well-chosen harmonics to the 12th fret, with notes taken from E scale succeeding in bringing us, naturally a gorgeous play that was their biggest hit till “Owner of a Lonely Heart” in 1983.

1. Deep Purple – Smoke on the Water

best guitar intros everI remember this intro quite well being the intro that Allan’s son from Two and a Half Men being not at all hard to play or to interpret, and if that little retarded brat, I think everybody on this fucking planet could do that.

Anyhow, catchy intro, I had it stuck into my mind for two straight weeks, I swore if I hear one more time I would kill myself, fortunately some other melody got stuck to my ear and I was ok.

The release of this melody was all the way back to 1972 in their album “Machine Head”, a pretty suggestive name and was ranked 434 from 500 in the magazine called Rolling Stone. It was released on 4th December that year in Switzerland and it was referring to a casino down in that city, and normally the concert was sang there as well.

The incident happened in the following way. They were put to recording there and in the eve of the concert, quote ”Some stupid with a flare gun” shot it towards the ceiling which had rattan covering ceiling and burned the whole casino complex and made it the title for their melody, pretty intelligent of them, to make something interesting outta a bad happening. Good job.

As well it had some other rankings, 4 in the magazine Total Guitar, the best riffs ever produced as well as ranking 12 in the Q magazine in the list of the 100 best guitar tracks.

This retarded intro which stuck to my head again, once more, and I swear I will kill the guy who made this, more exactly Ritchie Blackmore, fuck you man, you have no fucking heart. This guy did not use a pick, but more exactly he used his fingers to reach each note at a time, 1 finger for one note.

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