3. Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy gameSince I mentioned Super Meat Boy, here it is, occupying the third place in my top, a fast-paced jump’n’run. In the … flesh … of Meat Boy, you are to rescue your girlfriend, Bandage Girl, from the evil robotic hands of Dr. Fetus.

As the genre portrays, there will be a lot of jump and running through various worlds and maps. The rest of the article can be found right here: 6 Insanely Fast-Paced Games 

2. Thomas Was Alone

Thomas Was Alone, jump n run gameThomas Was Alone is a simple game, puzzle genre dominating it. You play as various quadrilateral polygons that apparently are self-aware. Each polygon has its own attributes, one being heavier and can barely jump, while other are thinner and thus allowed to jump higher and quite a few more qualities that I will not spoil.

Game Play

In every level you have to pass all the shapes and match them into their own portal before proceeding to the next level. Almost each level is accompanied by a narrating voice storytelling the shapes’ thoughts, making them seem quite alive.

While for the first few levels the water seems to be the only hazard of the game, ‘splitters’ will join soon the ranks of bad things, them being able to eat the AI. The game contains 10 sets of 10 levels each. On each new set a new character will appear, available to be controlled, and discover its story.

Overall Thomas Was Alone has a great story, minimalistic graphics that allows it to work on old computers as well as well as an awesome narrator.

1. Little Big Planet

PSP Game, Little Big PlanetI chose this wonderful game as the first place, mostly due to the narrator at the beginning of the game as well as the nice, playful graphics seen throughout the entire game. You play as Sackboy, a … well … sack boy, that can be customized with different clothes, body textures, wearable accessories as well as being able to have one of the 12 face expressions the developers gave him.

Game Features

Expressions are split into 4 categories: Happiness, Scary, Sadness and Anger. Pressing the same designated button consecutively, makes Sackboy accentuate on the selected mood.

The mood is kept while exploring and will be changed only when the player decides. Other animations like waving and trembling are available whenever you want to add a little more life into your sack boy.

While being a jump’n’run game, the concept of Little Big Planet revolves around exploring and adventure. Even while it’s 2D, there can be taken multiple paths in some maps, with some of them ending abruptly, thus having to reload from the last checkpoint.

A smooth, kind, British accent will narrate the introduction to the game, showing the general atmosphere, through his voice, of it. Every tutorial will also be narrated in a playful manner, with video synced to the voiced description.

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