6 Insanely Fast-Paced Games

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6 Insanely Fast-Paced Games
1. Blades of Time
2. The Typing of the Dead
3. Super Meat Boy
4. Race the Sun
5. Hotline Miami
6. Darksiders

Once upon a time there was the casual gamer that played the games in a relaxing manner. Meh, another better once upon a time there was the gamer kind that loved to reach his limits and even surpass them. For this gamer, fast-paced titles have been developed and published. And it was good. The second gamer saw the opportunity to improve his reflexes and accepted the challenge gladly. And so the Tetris Championship appeared and the Asians won it. Biblical Fairytale aside, here are 6 games that will force your fingers to dance on the keyboard or the mouse for else your fate is to die… ingame.

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