The term “zombie (e)” refers to two types of quite different fantasy creatures. In the voodoo culture, the zombie is a reanimated dead and under the complete control of a sorcerer. However, along with this type of creature, Western popular culture calls all partially decomposed zombies undead devoid of language, lacking reason and consciousness often, which survive by feeding on human flesh of the living. In some stories the zombies are created from a drug or virus.

Important distinction

These currently recurring monsters in horror stories have been popularized by the film The Night of the Living Dead in 1968. At present, the term zombie has become generalized to refer to any animated creature and decomposed, displaying a grayish or bluish color as well as large wounds and scars on the entire surface of its body. By that they oppose including vampires, who usually look like normal humans and do not look at all like corpses (notwithstanding the paleness of their skin) as well as ghosts, whose existence manifests itself in purely spiritual, and are difficult to perceive for the living. As for skeletons, it is never as zombies whose decomposition is complete.

However, an important distinction must be made between two conceptions of this type of zombie. The first, which is also the oldest, means ghosts of corpses, often resurrected through the occult and handled by a wizard. The second, more recent, well actually refers to people living originally but have been contaminated by a disease or a chemical element, which give them the appearance of undead rotting standing unintelligent and looking continuously for the flesh of the living. Their condition is better explained medically, but they are often more incontrĂ´lables, and most importantly, many more: in general, the fictions depict a handful of heroes facing countless hordes of zombies.

By extension, the term can also refer to someone who absently, amorphous. Regardless of which, people everywhere like zombies but not many read zombie comics, so I have decided to make a list of the best zombie comics out there.

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