3. Zombies vs Robots

comic zombie book toplist, Zombies vs Robots Everybody likes zombies and robots, but who is better? Well, we are going to find out now and probably everybody who read the comics would recommend the same without spoiling the story.  The story rotates around 2 different scientists or group of scientists, the cold blooded ones accidentally revive a zombie plague, bringing it from the past through and experiment with time space continuum, meanwhile another scientist decides to reactivate his personal collection of robots just before the zombie incident.

Unique story

The person responsible for the art work gets a huge credit too, it is made and looks very well, the artwork is very messy and it is full of halftone shading that is a bit blocky. It bursts the feel for pacing and energy giving by the messy look.

Some critics say that the storytelling is too vague but I think that Chris Ryall made it this way so that the readers can use their imagination a bit, but either way it connects Zombies Vs Robots because the writing is great too, almost childlike. The broken robots scattered everywhere can reassemble as reinforcements with a simple command but apparently the zombies have some sort of similar ability used to create chaos. The zombie attacks are getting more serious but robot Bertie finds the worlds nuclear arsenal and friends to deal with the zombie menace.

Things even get a bit silly, when Bertie stumbles upon a tribe of amazon warriors, yes only women, who managed to survive both nuclear and zombie apocalypse, and with amazons and geeks writers implemented a perverted side of the story too, that almost ruins the childish quality that i mentioned before and damaging the artwork too with a pornographic feel.

The nature of the comic does not leave a lot of room for imagination, but the Zombies vs Robots comic has   moments where details are left to the reader’s imagination, a thing that I personally like and comics and books, in that way making the story unique for every reader.

2. Marvel Zombies

Marvel Zombies comic book seriesMarvel Zombies is a series of comics published by Marvel Comics.

In Ultimate Fantastic Four # 21-23, the Fantastic Four of the Ultimate universe find themselves on a parallel Earth (Earth-2149), where a virus has transformed their counterparts and all the superheroes into cannibal zombies. From this frame, the writer Robert Kirkman, already the author of The Walking Dead series, wrote the miniseries Marvel Zombies. The superheroes of this story have the same powers and costumes in the Marvel universe, with the difference that they behave like hungry monsters in human flesh. Once they depopulated Earth, they go to satisfy their hunger in the entire universe, planet after planet.

Zombie series

Following the success of this miniseries, several other emerged. The first is a crossover with Army of Darkness comics, whose main character Ash Williams appeared initially in the Evil Dead movies. For convenience, this series will be designated as the second volume although de facto Marvel Zombies is 0 or 1a.

Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness returns to the beginning of contagion and coincide arrival on this parallel Earth Sentry, the alien responsible for the spread ofzombie plague“, and that of Ash Williams then traveling against his will between dimensions, armed with his chainsaw, his shotgun and his jokes straight from the third installment of the saga Evil Dead. Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness closes shortly before the start of Marvel Zombies 1, which sees Magneto send home by the “original” Fantastic Four.

The second sequel, Marvel Zombies 2, initially exposes the start of the contagion of Marvel heroes seen from another angle, the brief struggle of the survivors, the construction by Tony Stark of an interdimensional portal to evacuate the healthy population and its destruction after the inevitable victory of infected hero. Red “zombie” Richards recovers the remains of the plant and the prologue ends with his project, which will cause the mishap FF related in Ultimate Fantastic Four # 21-23.

Following Marvel Zombies 2 takes us forty years after the end of Marvel Zombies 1, orchestrating the return of the zombies in this devastated Earth. The survivors, led by Forge and the Black Panther, thrived … and have to deal simultaneously with cravings zombies and dissensions which oppose hero and former comrades of Magneto.

A new series, Marvel Zombies 3, sees the inhabitants of Zombieverse expelled via the same portal rebuilt since, invading the normal Marvel Universe (Earth-616). It is a sequel to Marvel Zombies 4: Midnight Sons particular scene that puts the Thing and Morbius into perspective.

1. The walking dead

best zombie comic book, The Walking Dead The Walking Dead is a series of American comic books in black and white, scripted by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard, published by Image Comics since 2003.

The series narrates the adventures of the remaining survivors trying to make it in a world full of zombies.

Robert Kirkman, the initial draft was entitled Dead Planet and the story was rather based on a science fiction scenario evoking a zombie outbreak. Yet Kirkman finally decides to base his screenplay about zombies only to create a story without end. To convince Image Comics responsible unconvinced by the idea of ​​a history of zombies to join his project, Kirkman promises them to incorporate science fiction elements later in the middle of the story. The launch of the series, in late 2003, is done in complete anonymity. However, the incredible success finally obtains The Walking Dead because it has now become a cult series.


The Walking Dead takes place in a world overrun by the undead. The origin of this phenomenon remains unknown. Rick Grimes, the hero, trying somehow to survive with the group of survivors in this hostile and frightening world, seeking the ideal refuge, the place they can call home. Gradually, as the series progresses, the characters evolve, progress; congeniality will then be created and some tensions.

This is clearly my favourite of them all, I really enjoyed reading the series, especially with the TV series running it is a good combination of series and lore to follow.

The first issue was released in 2003 and there are more to be made with 146 issues until today clearly something to read and look forward to it in the future.

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